Public Safety

September 17, 2019

Safety & Reform Community Compliance Council


Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West

Introduction of Guests

Mr. Gregory Baker

  1. Christopher Smitherman, Cincinnati Vice Mayor                      
  2. Jason Cooper, Collaborative Agreement Sustainability Manager

Public Safety Portal

Crime Analyst Michael Zidar

  1.  Overview of Goals
  2. Shift Logs
  3. Activity
  4. Blotter
  5. Crime Views
  6. Planned Interfaces

UCPD Status Update

Chief Maris Herold, Director James Whalen

  1. Internal Investigations and Uses of Force
  2. Remaining Exiger Recommendations (101)

UCPD Activities

Chief Maris Herold, Crime Analyst Michael Zidar, Director James Whalen

  1. Tactical and Strategic Investigations
  2. Review of Contact Card and Mental Health Reports
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Items of Interest – Accreditation Assessment

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West



CCC Members

  • Judge John West, Chair
  • Gregory Baker
  • Peg Fox
  • Kennerly Newlin
  • James Whalen
  • Bobby Hilton
  • Chandler Rankin

UC Administration

  • Dudley Smith
  • Maris Herold
  • James Whalen
  • Rodney Carter
  • David Hoffman
  • Jeffrey Thompson

Additional Participants

  • Christopher Smitherman, Cincinnati Vice Mayor
  • Michelle Edwards, Chief of Staff to Cincinnati Vice Mayor
  • Jason Cooper, Collaborative Agreement Sustainability Manager
  • Michel Zidar, UC Public Safety Crime Analyst

Welcome and Administrative Matters

Judge John West, Gregory Baker

  1. Introduction of round the table
  2. Introduction of Vice Mayor Smitherman
    1. Vice Mayor Smitherman is honored and humbled to be here and has a tremendous amount of respect for Administration.  Appreciates the invitation to listen.  Aware of all the great work on behalf of President Pinto and UC student body.  Anxious to hear about more good work done here at UC. 
    2. Director Whalen – completed monitorship successfully end of month final recommendations of IACLEA monitors.  (distributed handout of press release and invited CCC members to call in)
    3. Chief Herold – Introduce Mike Zidar, Crime Analyst to review dashboard data with CCC members
    4. Please see power point presentation of Public Safety portal; still in development
  3. Goals
    1. to eliminate as much paper as possible 
    2. Officers have ability to enter information immediately
  4.  Shift Logs
    1. racial/gender disparity – Officers’ performance is monitored to ensure no racial/gender disparity in enforcement
    2. Roster profile – can see all data based on that particular employee/patrols they’ve been on/contact cards she’s initiated
    3. PO also has the ability to look at their own data
  5. Blotter view
    1. digital view to go over the crime in their area
    2. click on detailed view to dive in to the specifics about the incident/ can read the narratives, calls for service, who was called; benefit is not limited to just UC
  6. Crime View
  7. Planned Interfaces
  8. Activity
    1. metrics across the board; combining all data; eliminate unproductive paperwork and get it digitalized and accessible; updated every 15 minutes; stored locally on several machine

UCPD Status Update - See presentation

Chief Maris Herold

  1. Internal investigations and uses of force –Chief Herold question from Peg Fox regarding tactical review of putting young lady in hand cuffs
  2. Remaining Exiger Recs (101) – Director Whalen – After completing monitorship of 276 recommendations, 101 deserved continued review there were 101.  Please see power point presentation. Incorporating into training and inspections.  Available on website.


Public Safety Mentorship Program: Captain Rodney Carter/ Hughes High School and Corryville Catholic (please see power point presentation;

Consulted with HEMI Program


  1. Increase male role models; advantages outside of what they are part of now
  2. Students have a voice
  3. Students receive extra help with school

Officer Wellness – Captain Hoffman – Health and wellness Program  (please see power point presentation)

  1. Treatment – spiritual, physical etc; critical incident stress management team
  2. Resolution – working this group to write about all the work that the university of Cincinnati.

Vice Mayor Smitherman regretfully has to leave the meeting at 6pm

Bishop Bobby Hilton – Questions regarding officer wellness:

  1. Regarding mental health of officers, do you find that officers are willing to acknowledge have difficulty?  
  2. Even under complete confidentiality?
  3. Voluntarilly submit themselves?  Or is it better to offer to officers get help?

Director Whalen replied - Agency wide probably will not get deep into someone’s soul; but probably need an opportunity which is already available.  We are trying to add a layer. 

Judge West – Questions regarding Officer wellness:

  1. Have you Maris had the experience of a family member calling in?  Maris would reach out to try to help

Director Whalen - responded that the best way to handle that would be to have someone they trust reach out first

PO Newlin’s experience on Dr. Kate Chard:

Strategical and tactic Investigations:

Interviewing offenders – Question was asked, why are you choosing this area around UC?

  1. Offenders are either from this area or come to area for some of the attractions; bars on Calhoun,
  2. hang out, get to know them, visit them and rob them, then sell properties’
  3. turnover of students is constant; always have new students;
  4. not forthcoming about how many robberies; learning more and more about our area and uniqueness

Items of Interest – See Presentation 

  • Telly Award
  • ICAT training
  • Video

Future Meeting Schedule

Judge John West

  • Advised that the next Meeting is three months away
  • Meeting adjourned