2021 First–Year Covid Reboot

The 2021 First–Year Covid Reboot is a special program for first–year students who may have faced academic difficulty transitioning to college, especially those who experienced difficulties caused by COVID-19. This ‘reboot’ provides an opportunity for a fresh UC cumulative grade point average necessary to achieve academic goals. This limited program will be offered to first–year students who entered Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.  

Reboot Policy Information

A University of Cincinnati undergraduate student may petition their college to have their previous courses treated in accordance with the college’s academic fresh start policy.  

  • For the First–Year Covid Reboot program, the student’s University of Cincinnati start term must be Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.  
  • The First–Year Covid Reboot is not automatic and is not guaranteed.  
  • The First–Year Covid Reboot is only available for students in colleges offering this option (students may choose to transition to another college if a major change is desired).  
  • Student applications will be submitted to their home college for approval (however, outreach will only happen for students whose home college has opted into this program). 
  • Applications will be distributed to students who are eligible. If a student believes they are eligible and did not receive an application, they may complete the 2021 First–Year Covid Reboot Program Application

The 2021 First–Year Covid Reboot will be reviewed and may be conditionally approved upon readmission to the University but must be submitted by the posted deadline. A request for the First–Year Covid Reboot applies only to courses taken at the University of Cincinnati prior to reenrollment.  

  • Conditional approval requires that students meet a minimum academic requirement of a 2.0 or higher term GPA in addition to any additional requirements as determined by the college (requirements vary by college).  
  • If the requirements are met as of the end of the conditional term, the First–Year Covid Reboot will receive final approval and be applied to the student’s academic record. 
  • Upon final approval of the First–Year Covid Reboot, the student’s University grade point average will be initiated from the date of reentry.  
  • Any courses and grades taken before reentry will remain on the student’s record but will not count towards their GPA calculation. 
  • The First–Year Covid Reboot (or Academic Fresh Start) option may be used only once during a student’s academic career. 

Spring 2022

First–Year Covid Reboot may be eligible for funding up $1,500 for Spring Semester 2022.  Assistance may also be available for students who have an outstanding balance. The funds are on a first come, first serve basis so please apply as soon as possible to see what fund may be available to you.  

Note: Approval of  First–Year Covid Reboot  will be recorded on the transcript. Students should be aware that the previous academic record will appear on the transcript and that graduate and professional schools, as well as potential employers, may average all academic records together. 

First–Year Covid Reboot Terms

  • Initial enrollment at UC as an incoming first–year student Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021  
  • GPA: The student’s cumulative University GPA was less than 2.00 

Procedure for Academic Reboot Approval

  • Applications will be sent to the student’s college for review and will be considered in accordance with procedures and any additional guidelines of that unit.  
  • Degree–granting units may not grant a First–Year Covid Reboot to any student who fails to satisfy the minimum qualifying criteria.  
  • If a request for First–Year Covid Reboot is denied by the student’s college, the student may file an appeal with the college and a decision will be considered based on holistic data. A student may also choose to apply for a program change to have their application considered by another college. 


Any questions should be directed to advhelp@ucmail.uc.edu.