Grade Change Information

How to View Grades

  1. Log into Catalyst
  2. Click on the My Academics Tile
  3. Open the Grades/Transcript/Enroll Cert navigation
  4. Select View My Grades

Note: You may need to change the term to view past term grades

Semester Grade Changes

All semester grade changes must be completed online via Catalyst by the instructor of the class. The Office of the Registrar may return any Change of Grade Forms that should have been processed online by the instructor. Only the instructor(s) assigned to teach a course may award or change grades for the class.

Please work with the college that offered the course if you need assistance in having a grade changed and you are unable to reach the faculty member.

Quarter Grade Changes

Quarter term classes require the submission of a completed paper Change of Grade Form. Change of Grade Forms will not be released directly to students. Instructors may obtain the Change of Grade Form by emailing the Office of the Registrar at The college or department must provide signature approval and should send the completed form to

Prior Term Withdrawals

To approve a late withdraw for a prior term class, the instructor and the college must complete the Add/Drop Form and send to The instructor and student will receive an automated email once the withdrawal has been processed. The instructor will then need to finalize the withdrawal via Catalyst.

Prior Term Section or Credit Hour Changes

Prior term section or credit hour changes require the Add/Drop Form and Change of Grade Forms (only available by emailing the The Office of the Registrar cannot assume a student would earn the same grade for another section or for less or more hours of the same class.