Pass Grade Opt–In for Fall Semester 2020

We are pleased to share that UC’s college faculties have made the decision to provide most students a "P" (Pass) grade opt–in option for Fall Semester 2020. Starting Monday, November 30, 2020, and ending Friday, December 18, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST, you may log in to Catalyst to change one or more Fall Semester 2020 classes to the "P" grade (after your instructor has submitted final grades for the class). 

Why Was the Pass Grade Opt–In Put Into Place?

UC knows that this semester may have been disrupted due to circumstances beyond your control, and that grades this semester may not reflect your actual learning the way they normally would. We want to do all we can to respond equitably to the diverse impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on all of us as we adjust to new ways of teaching and learning during these extraordinary circumstances.

We are pleased to share the additional news that several of UC’s college faculties have made the decision to provide most students a "P" (Pass) grade opt–in option for Fall Semester 2020.

The "P" grade option applies to Fall Semester 2020 classes, regardless of their original mode of instruction—online, hybrid, or face–to–face.  

Certain academic programs have been determined by the appropriate college faculty to be excluded from the "P" grade opt–in (noted below).

Pass Grade Opt–In Video

Note: This video references the Spring and Summer Semesters of 2020, however, the instructions also apply to Fall Semester 2020.

What Is the Policy?

Please review the Pass Grade Opt–In Policy for details.

Which Programs Can Use the Pass Opt–In Option?

The listed programs within the following college(s) will allow their students to utilize the Pass Grade Opt–In for Fall 2020. Note: You will need to click the drop–down menu for your college to view the eligible programs.

  • Asian Studies (15BAC-AIST-BA)
  • Environmental Studies (15BAC-EVST-BS)
  • Exploratory (15BAC-EXPL-BX)
  • Film and Media Studies (15BAC-FILM-BA)
  • Geology - BA (15BAC-GEOL-BA)
  • Geology - BS (15BAC-GEOL-BS)
  • German Studies (15BAC-GRST-BA)
  • History (15BAC-HIST-BA)
  • Interdisciplinary (15BAC-INTR-BIS)
    • DMC
    • Interdisciplinary Nursing Prep
    • Law and Society
    • Pre-Pharmacy
  • International Affairs (15BAC-INTA-BA)
  • Liberal Arts (15BAC-LART-BA)
  • Neuroscience - BS (15BAC-NS-BS)
  • Philosophy (15BAC-PHIL-BA)
  • Political Science (15BAC-POL-BA)
  • Sociology (15BAC-SOC-BA)
  • Women's, Gender, & Sex Studies (15BAC-WGS-BA)
  • Geology (15DOC-GEOL-PHD)

All programs

  • Correctional Rehabilitation (CREHAB-C2)
  • Crime & Intelligence Analysis (CIA-C2)
  • Criminal Justice (CJ-BS)
  • Cybersecurity (CYBER-BS)
  • Database Management (DBM-C2)
  • Deaf Studies (DFST-C2)
  • Digital Learning Design (DLD-C1)
  • Forensic Populations (FPOP-C2)
  • Foundations of Cybersecurity (CYBR-C2)
  • Health Promotion and Education (HEDU-BS)
  • Information Technology (IT-BSIT)
  • Mobile Application Development (MOAP-C2)
  • Paralegal Studies (PARA-BS)
  • Paralegal Studies (PARA-C2)
  • Secondary Education (SEC-BSED)
  • Software Development (SD-C2)
  • Special Education (SPED-BSED)
  • Substance Abuse Counseling (SACN-BS)
  • Substance Abuse Counseling (SC-C2)
  • Substance Abuse Prevention (SAPREV-C2)
  • Transition and Access Program (TAP-C4)
  • Violence Prevention (VP-C2)
  • Web Development (WEBD-C2)
  • Secondary Ed (SEC-PDU)
  • Special Educatoin (SPED-PDU)
  • Adult/International TESL (TESL-GC)
  • Assessment and Evaluation (ASEV-GC)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD-GC)
  • Blended & Online Teaching (BOLT-GC)
  • Community & Public Health (CPHE-GC)
  • Correctional Rehabilitation (CREHAB-GC)
  • Counselor Education (CSLR-PHD)
  • Crime Analysis and Prevention (CAPREV-GC)
  • Criminal Justice (CJ-PHD)
  • Criminal Justice (CJ-MS)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (CI-EDD)
  • Curriculum & Instruction (CI-MED)
  • Developmental & Learning Sci (DLS-GC)
  • Educational Leadership (EDLD-MED)
  • Educational Studies (EDST-PHD)
  • Educational Studies (EDST-MA)
  • Gifted Education (GFT-GC)
  • Health Education (HEDU-PHD)
  • Health Education (HEDU-MS)
  • Higher Education Leadership (LHE-GC)
  • Information Technology (IT-PHD)
  • Information Technology (IT-GC)
  • Information Technology (IT-MS)
  • Instructional Design and Tech (IDT-MED)
  • Jewish Education (JED-GC)
  • Leadership in Online Learning (LDOL-GC)
  • Literacy & Second Lang Studies (LSLS-EDD)
  • Literacy & Second Lang Studies (LSLS-MED)
  • Medical Education (MECI-GC)
  • Medical Education (Cur Inst) (MECI-MED)
  • Mental Health Counseling (MHC-MA)
  • Online Teaching and Learning (OL-GC)
  • Postsecondary Literacy Instruc (PLI-GC)
  • PreK-12 Reading Instruction (P12RD-GC)
  • Principal Licensure (PRIN-GC)
  • Public Health (PH18-MPH)
  • School Counseling (SCNS-MED)
  • Special Education (SPED-EDD)
  • Special Education (SPED-MED)
  • Special Education Leadership (SEL-GC)
  • STEM Teaching and Learning (STEMT-GC)
  • Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP-GC)
  • Tching Eng to Spkrs of Ot Lang (TESOL-GC)
  • Teacher Leader (TCHLD-GC)
  • Teaching Certification-Sec Ed (TCSE-MX)
  • Transition to Work (TTW-GC)
  • Urban Educational Leadership (UEL-EDD)

All programs

All programs

All programs

  • Medical Sciences Baccalaureate Program
  • All graduate programs
  • Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT-BS)
  • Advanced Medical Imaging Technology (AMIT-PTC)
  • Athletic Training (ATH-BS)
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD-BS)
  • Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD-C2)
  • Food and Nutrition (FDNT-BS)
  • Foundational Studies in Allied Health (FSAHS-BX)
  • Health Information Management (HIMA-BSHS)
  • Health Sciences (HLSC-BSHS)
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLSC-BS)
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLSC-C2)
  • Non Matriculated Communication Sciences & Disorders (NMAT-CSD)
  • Non Matriculated Occupational Therapy (NMAT-OT)
  • Nutrition and Dietetics (DIET-BS)
  • Respiratory Therapy (RSTH-BS)
  • Social Work (SW-BSW)
  • Supervised Practice in Dietetics (SPD-C2)
  • Animal Audiology (AAUD-GC)
  • Audiology (AUD-AUD)
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD35-PHD)
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD35-MA)
  • Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD-MX)
  • Health Information Security (HISC-GC)
  • Human Nutrition (HNUTR-GC)
  • Nutrition Sciences (NUTR-MS)
  • Respiratory Therapy (RSTH-MS)
  • Social Work (SW-MSW)

Who Is Excluded From Using the Pass Opt–In Option?

The appropriate college faculty has determined that the following academic programs within the following colleges are excluded from the "P" grade selection option. Students in these programs will not have the "P" grade selection option in Catalyst for Fall Semester 2020Note: You will need to click the drop–down menu for your college to view the excluded programs.

  • Africana Studies (15BAC-AFST-BA)
  • Anthropology (15BAC-ANTH-BA)
  • Arabic Language and Culture (15BAC-ARAB-BA)
  • Archaeology - BA (15BAC-ARCL-BA)
  • Biochemistry (15BAC-BIOC-BS)
  • Biological Sciences - BA (15BAC-BIOL-BA)
  • Biological Sciences - BS (15BAC-BIOL-BS)
  • Chemistry (15BAC-CHMBIO-BA)
  • Chemistry - BS (15BAC-CHEM-BS)
  • Chemistry-ACS (15BAC-CHEMACS-BS)
  • Classical Civilization (15BAC-CLCV-BA)
  • Classics (15BAC-CLAS-BA)
  • Communication (15BAC-COMM-BA)
  • English - BA (15BAC-ENGL-BA)
  • French (15BAC-FREN-BA)
  • Geography - BA (15BAC-GEOG-BA)
  • Geography - BS (15BAC-GEOG-BS)
  • Journalism (15BAC-JOUR-BA)
  • Judaic Studies (15BAC-JUDC-BA)
  • Mathematics - BA (15BAC-MATH-BA)
  • Mathematics - BS (15BAC-MATH-BS)
  • Organizational Leadership (15BAC-ORGL-BA)
  • Physics - BA (15BAC-PHYS-BA)
  • Physics - BS (15BAC-PHYS-BS)
  • Physics (Astrophysics) (15BAC-APHYS-BS )
  • Psychology - BA (15BAC-PSYC-BA)
  • Psychology - BS (15BAC-PSYC-BS)
  • Public Relations (15BAC-PR-BA)
  • Spanish (15BAC-SPAN-BA)
  • Anthropology (15MAS-ANTH-MA)
  • Biological Sciences (15MAS-BIOL-MS)
  • Biological Sciences (15DOC-BIOL-PHD)
  • Chemistry (15MAS-CHEM-MS)
  • Chemistry (15DOC-CHEM-PHD)
  • Classics (15MAS-CLAS-MA)
  • Classics (15DOC-CLAS-PHD)
  • Communication (15MAS-COMM-MA)
  • English (15MAS-ENGC-MA)
  • English (15DOC-ENGC-PHD)
  • French (15MAS-FREN-MA)
  • Geography (15MAS-GEOG-MA)
  • Geography (15DOC-GEOG-PHD)
  • Geology (15MAS-GEOL-MS)
  • Germanic Lang & Literature (15MAS-GRMN-MA)
  • Germanic Lang & Literature (15DOC-GRMN-PHD)
  • History (15MAS-HIST-MA)
  • History (15DOC-HIST-PHD)
  • MA Professional Writing (15MAS-PWRT-MA)
  • Mathematics (15MAS-MATH-MAT)
  • Mathematics (15MAS-MATH-MS)
  • Mathematics (15DOC-MATH-PHD)
  • Philosophy (15MAS-PHIL-MA)
  • Philosophy (15DOC-PHIL-PHD)
  • Physics (15MAS-PHYS-MS)
  • Physics (15DOC-PHYS-PHD)
  • Political Science (15MAS-POL-MA)
  • Political Science (15DOC-POL-PHD)
  • Psychology (15MAS-PYSC-MA)
  • Psychology (15DOC-PSYC-PHD)
  • Public Administration (15MAS-PBAD-MPA)
  • Romance Languages & Literature (15DOC-RLL-PHD)
  • Sociology (15MAS-SOC-MA)
  • Sociology (15DOC-SOC-PHD)
  • Spanish (15MAS-SPAN-MA)
  • Statistics (15MAS-STAT-MS)
  • Women's, Gender, & Sex Studies (15MAS-WGS-MA)
  • Early Childhood Care & Educati (ECLC-AAS)
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE-BSED)
  • Early Childhood Education - B5 (ECEB5-BSED)
  • Human Dev & Comm Engagement (HDCE-BS)
  • Middle Childhood Education (MDL-BSED)
  • Educ for Enviro Sustainability (EDES-C1)
  • Sport Administration (SA-BS)
  • Middle Childhood Ed (MDL-PDU)
  • School Psychology (SPSY-PHD)
  • Behavior Analysis (BEHAN-GC)
  • Behavior Analysis (FNBA-MED)
  • School Psychology (SPSY-EDS)
  • Sport Administration (SPAD-MS)

All programs

All programs

All programs

All programs

  • Health Administration (HADM-MHA)
  • Health Care (HC35-GC)
  • Health Informatics (HI-MHI)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT-MOT)
  • Physical Therapy (PT-DPT)

All programs

For students in excluded programs: You should have received a prior email communication from your college defining the reasons behind your program’s exclusion from the "P" grade option. Please direct any questions you have to your college office. 

College of Law JD program and U.S. Legal system Masters of Law students should contact the College of Law office for the College of Law policy with respect to UC law programs.

College of Medicine MD program students and undergraduate medical sciences students should contact the College of Medicine office for the College of Medicine policy with respect to the MD program.

College of Medicine undergraduate and graduate programs are included in the "P" grade option and students in those programs will have the “P” grade selection option presented in Catalyst.

If your college or program is not listed above, you will have the "P" grade selection option presented to you in Catalyst.

How Do I Change My Grade to a Pass?

Follow these instructions to change your Fall Semester 2020 grade to a "P" (Pass) grade. This option will only be available through Friday, December 18, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST. The date the functionality is available has not yet been determined.

  1. Login to Catalyst.
  2. Select the My Academics tile.
  3. Open the Grades/Transcript/Enroll Cert drop–down menu.
  4. Click View My Grades.
  5. Select Fall Semester 2020 from the list, then click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.
  6. You will see your Fall Semester 2020 class enrollments and grades assigned by each instructor.
  7. Once a final grade is posted by your instructor, a Change Grade to Pass button will appear on the right–hand side of your final grade. You will also see a GPA Calculator link underneath the Official Grades table. This calculator allows you to anticipate the impact of changing your grade to a pass. Note: If a grade is not presented, your instructor has not yet submitted it to Catalyst. You will need to check back later once the grade is posted. You should receive an email once your instructor has officially entered the grade in Catalyst.
  8. To change your final grade to a "P" (Pass), click Change Grade to Pass. Note: If you wish to keep your final letter grade, do not click the button.
  9.  A pop–up box will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to change the grade for [your class] to Pass?" 
    1. Select Yes if you would like to confirm the "P" grade election. 
    2. Select No if you have changed your mind and would like to keep your final grade.
  10. If you click Yes, your grade change request will be processed immediately. You will see a grayed–out Grade was changed box on the right–hand side of the Official Grades table, and your grade will appear as a P. You will also notice that your GPA statistics have been recalculated. Note: Once you click Yes, you cannot change the grade back to the final grade on your own. You will need to contact the instructor.
  11. If needed, repeat steps 8–10 to change another grade to "P" (Pass).

How Will a Pass Impact My GPA?

To see how a "P" will affect your semester or cumulative GPA, check out the GPA Calculator. If you are at all uncertain whether or not to exercise the option to convert a grade for a particular course, please consult with your college office and/or adviser.

Is a Pass the Best Option for Me?

You may not want to elect a "P" (Pass) grade in the following situations

  • In major courses due to graduate or professional school considerations (e.g., medical, veterinary, dental, optometry, other health related programs, law, etc.). If you intend to seek admission to professional schools, you should consult the Pre–Professional Advising Center before selecting the "P" option.
  • If you receive external funding which requires letter grades.
  • In courses if there are UC admission requirements to a UC major that require letter grades. Contact your advisor if you have questions about non–letter grade courses and admission to selective majors.
  • If you intend to transfer the course to another college or university. Check with the college or university to see if they will accept non–letter grades.