Grade Point Average Calculator

Use the GPA Calculator below to anticipate the impact of switching your grade to a "P" (Pass).

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Navigate to “View My Grades” in Catalyst and select Summer 2020. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Statistics”. Go to the far-right hand column “Cumulative Total”. Scroll down to the bottom under “GPA Calculations” you will find “Total Grade Points” enter that number in Box 1. “Units Taken for GPA” in Catalyst enter that number in Box 2 under Units Taken. Your GPA will automatically calculate. Be sure to double-check that your Catalyst GPA matches the calculator.

Step 1 - Data from Catalyst
What to do:

Enter your grades for each class this semester.

Step 2 - Your Summer 2020 Semester Grades
Class Name Grade Credits Grade Points Change to Pass
Your Cumulative GPA After This Semester