Diploma Delivery and Degree Certification

The University of Cincinnati is very proud of your achievement. We understand exactly what this accomplishment means to you and to your future, and so we recognize what the diploma represents to you and just how important actually seeing and holding the diploma is both to you and your family. Additionally, we know that you want to offer the diploma to prospective employers as proof of your graduation. And so, you are anxious to receive your UC diploma as soon as possible.

Yet, there are several items that we ask you to acknowledge. As you can imagine, final term faculty grading, college degree requirements review and certification, Registrar's Office certification processing, and diploma preparation and printing each require significant time to accomplish. Keep in mind that everyone involved is working quickly to certify not only your degree and to provide your diploma, but to certify the degrees and produce the diplomas for all of your fellow graduates that term.

Thus for most terms, the full degree certifications/diplomas preparation process for all UC graduates requires approximately six to eight weeks from the end of the term to diploma mailing. Occasionally, longer processing time is required. Time to delivery then is dependent on the mail carrier and so is beyond UC’s control.

You probably now are thinking, "At least six to eight weeks? But what about my upcoming job interview? How will I prove that I am a UC graduate?" First, you should know that the diploma is an ornamental document intended solely for your private use. The diploma is a brilliant symbol of your accomplishment; you should display it proudly to family and friends. But the diploma does not serve the same purpose as either the UC transcript or degree certification document, both of which specifically is intended to serve as official University documents certifying your degree award to interested third parties such as employers. The diploma is not intended either to function as or replace either document. And so, UC does not encourage you to submit the diploma to prospective employers but prefers that you provide them with an official transcript or degree certification document.

Once your college has certified your degree award to the Registrar's Office, and once that office has processed that college certification, you will be able to order official transcripts and/or generate degree certification documents recording your degree award. College degree certifications usually are received and fully processed within three to four weeks following the end of the term. The last weeks of the approximately six–week full process are dedicated to diploma preparation and printing. And so, the degree certification document and/or official transcripts will be available to you earlier than will the diploma. Students may also reserve a CeDiploma.

You may place an order for one or more official transcripts. A fee of $8.50 per transcript will be collected by credit card for this service. Because the transcript ordering system will accept your order even if you have not graduated, you are strongly advised not to order an official transcript until you have confirmed your degree award.