Cross Registration Policies for UC Students


Full–time and half–time matriculated undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Cincinnati may register for classes offered by other Greater Cincinnati Consortium institutions on a space–available basis. Classes may be taken for credit or audit. Course credit is posted on the student’s transcript as advanced standing. Host schools keep a transcript as well. The desired classes should not be currently available at the University of Cincinnati. No tuition fee is paid by the student to the host school.

Special workshops and institutes are not considered classes for cross registration purposes. Transportation, books, and lab fees are the student’s responsibility.



It is the cross registrant's responsibility to obtain the three approvals prior to cross registering at another institution. Students who fail to follow the approval process prior to the start of the term will be denied.
  1. The cross registrant must receive permission from the college via an approved Consortium Cross–Registration Authorization Form. Graduate students will need their program director to request advanced standing approval from the Graduate College.
  2. The cross registrant must receive approval from the UC Registrar's Office prior to the first day of classes at UC for that term.
  3. The cross registrant must receive approval from the host institution prior to registering for courses at the host institution.

Credit Hour Requirements and Limits

The student’s total number of credit hours, not including cross registration classes, must be sufficient to classify the student as “at least half–time” by the home school’s definition. Any hours in excess of “full–time” are charged at the per credit hour rate. The student must meet course prerequisites as defined by the host school. The number of classes taken at the Host Institution cannot exceed two (except for Summer by permission), and half–time students may take no more than half of their credits at another institution in a given term.

Course Availability at UC

Cross–registration requests will not be approved if the requested course is being offered at UC for that term.

Cross–Registration Procedure

First Step

Consult the cross–registration information available on the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3) website for class offerings, class schedules, and cross–registration dates at the other GC3 schools.

College Approval

Print and fill out the Consortium Cross–Registration Authorization Form and have it signed by the Assistant Dean or academic advisor of the home college. A departmental signature is required if the class will be applied to the major requirements. Make certain a course equivalency is assigned to the class being taken. Once all signatures are obtained, email the authorization form to

Home School Approval

The home school Office of the Registrar will review the Consortium Cross–Registration Authorization Form to make sure the request complies with both GC3 and UC policies. A GC3 Cross Registration Form will be initiated if approved.

Host School Approval

The GC3 Cross Registration Form must be submitted to the host school Registrar’s office as indicated on the GC3 website for approval and signature. Please note that each institution has their own procedure and deadlines for cross registration.

Registration at UC

If approved, the student will be registered at UC for Consortium, MLTI 4081 (for undergraduate credit) or MLTI 6081 (for graduate credit), for the equivalent number of credit hours being transferred to UC from the host institution.


Students must inform both schools if they withdraw from the class(es). It is the student’s responsibility to check calendar dates of the host school. The last day to withdraw from a cross–registered course is determined by the rules of the host school. Failure to comply with these rules—or to provide notification of withdrawal—may result in an automatic “F” for the class.


Credit for courses will be posted on the student’s transcript as advanced standing at the end of the term. Grades for cross–registered courses are not entered on the student’s transcript at UC.