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leadership from uc and city of cincinnati hold shovels and move dirt for groundbreaking

Research is centric to our purpose. As a top urban public research university, we push limits and challenge ideas to discover what’s next. UC’s 180,000 square-foot Digital Futures building, located in the Uptown Innovation Corridor, will serve as headquarters to our Urban Futures enterprise-level programs: Digital Futures, UC Urban Futures Institute and UC Urban Ethics Center.

Digital Futures will provide transdisciplinary space to bring together University of Cincinnati experts for collaboration in “Use-Inspired Basic Research” and “Applied Research.” This future-focused research will harness the power of intellect and technologies to advance our region, and impact our global society.

Bold ideas will be tested by teams of UC researchers working across disciplines in five core competencies: 

  • Software (cyber, AI)
  • Hardware (sensors, devices)
  • Data (analytics, informatics) 
  • Human factors (education, simulation and policy) and 
  • Digital expression (creative arts and humanities).

The goal of UC researchers: Capture new knowledge, create original technologies and find fresh approaches to the digital challenges in our world.  

Digital Futures Building

rendering of digital futures building
  • UC signs long-term lease agreement in Aug. 2018
  • 180,000 square-foot facility to be constructed within Uptown Innovation Corridor
  • Part of 5.8 acre development on the southeast corridor of Martin Luther King Drive and Reading Road
  • Adjacent to UC's 1819 Innovation Hub
  • Scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021  

Focus Areas

  • Resilience & Recovery: this will include but is not limited to research targeted at new solutions to the challenges of natural disasters, climate change, economic disruption and social injustice.
  • Safety & Security: this will include but is not limited to research targeted at information warfare/disruption, geopolitical instability, smart prisons and food insecurity
  • Mobility & Exploration: this will include but is not limited to research targeted at new solutions to the challenges of aging in place, colonizing space, physical disabilities and social mobility.
  • Future Health: this will include but is not limited to research targeted at new solutions to the challenges of patient health and well-being, electronic medical records, personalized medicine, accessibility in rural areas and patient autonomy.


The UC Institute for Advanced Study of Democracy and Culture, to be located on the first floor of Digital Futures in Cincinnati’s emerging Innovation District, will be the place where UC’s engaged and public humanities happening across all of UC’s colleges will come together with the creative and performing arts and STEMM research at the emergent technology and societal impact.

The UC Institute for Advanced Study of Democracy and Culture will feature a large-format auditorium; flexible spaces for teaching and learning; and a dynamic exhibition space all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies which will allow for immersive, sensory storytelling experiences, exhibits, performances, and presentations so that American history, culture and the American experience can be appreciated and understood by more diverse populations, of all ages, and of all abilities.

We are so enthusiastic about and look forward to the work of the UC IASDC and partnering with our local arts, humanities, STEMM collaborators and the community on projects that will inspire and enrich all of our lives. Stay tuned!

Urban Futures Pathway HQ / Digital Futures

  • 2728 Vine Street – 3rd Floor
  • Cincinnati, OH 45221
  • Contact: Jennifer Krivickas, Associate Vice President for Research: Strategic Initiatives & Signature Programs

Mission, Vision, & Values

UC desires to address the increasing digitally-enabled, human-centered challenges that are arising in today’s world. The Digital Futures space allows the creation of new knowledge, technologies and approaches having societal impact by co-locating researchers and providing an outstanding infrastructure to support their work. Our impact will be accelerated by intentional partnerships with the broader community.

The current digital age has changed how we live, work, learn and play. These changes bring along both opportunities and challenges for our region and the globe. UC’s Digital Futures space embraces the present while re-imagining the future in all its forms – objective, subjective, and inter-subjective.    

The University of Cincinnati’s Next Lives Here – Digital Futures space within the Urban Futures Pathway enables knowledge creation that is:
        • multi- or transdisciplinary;
        • integrated, inclusive and impactful; and
        • amplified by external partnerships.

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