Student Printing with WEPA

What is Student Printing?

This service provides printing for students at various locations around campus, including computer labs, libraries, and other UC public locations.

image of Wepa printing station with touch-free printing option

Wepa ExpressTouch-free printing is available with the Wepa Mobile App.

With Student Printing, students can print from: 

  • lab computers
  • mobile phones and tablets
  • laptops
  • cloud services
  • USB devices
  • plus many other devices

Touch-free printing available in the Wepa Mobile App.

The wepa system includes a universal print queue, so you can print from wherever you are and pick up your prints from any wepa station on campus.

Please visit the following knowledge base articles for more information:

Please refer to the following knowledge base articles for how-to information about wepa student printing services:

Students can pay for pages they print using their Bearcat Campus Card or using a credit card through the Wepa mobile app.

Prices for Student Printing
Price Paper Size Printed Sides Print Type
$0.09 8.5" x 11" Single-sided Monochrome
(black & white)
8.5" x 11" Duplex
(black & white)
$0.37 8.5" x 11" Single-sided Color
$0.52 8.5" x 11" Duplex