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Classroom Cleaning Supplies & Directions

We care about the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. We have included classroom cleaning kits in all classrooms for your use.

Disinfecting Supplies for classrooms rooms are located in the front and the rear of most classrooms depending upon the size.

The cleaning kit consist of Foster 40-80, a mild disinfecting sanitizing chemical and paper towels for your use. 

More information on Foster 40-80 can be found here.


A Picture of a Spray Bottle



Spray the cleaning chemical onto the paper towel, 

NOT the furniture.

A Picture of a chair being wiped down.



Wipe down the chair, desk, counter top or keyboard. 

Do not saturate the paper towel.

A Picture of a trash can



Throw away your used towel immediately,

and place the chemical back in the kit for the next person to use.


All classroom cleaning kits will have the above label on them which includes directions on how to use the products and how to order more products. Click here to view/save label