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Building (Custodial) Services

About Us:

FM Building Services provides routine cleaning and custodial care to more than 100 UC buildings.  Each building has staff assigned to perform specific service routines, on a scheduled basis including, but not limited to, the Baseline Services described below.


  • Contact the college administrative offices at UC Clermont Campus and UC Blue Ash Campus for service requests.
  • All Requests for room access should be made to UC Police at 513-556-1111.  Building Services does not perform this function.

Requesting Facilities Building Services (Housekeeping): 

During Regular Office Hours (which are Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm):

After Hours (which are: 4:00 pm to 7:30 am; all weekends; and all holidays)

  • Report All After-Hours Emergency Building Services Requests by dialing 513-556-1111 to the Communications Center of UC Public Safety and request that they contact and dispatch emergency maintenance response staff.
  • Report All After-Hours Routine Building Services Requests by dialing 513-558-2500 to leave a detailed voice message that will be reviewed the next business day.

Baseline Services:

Contact Us:

Telephone:  513-558-2500

Regular Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm



Joyce M. L Whittaker, C.E.H
Director, Housekeeping



  • Clean and sanitize restrooms and replenish supplies
  • Clean classrooms, auditoriums and labs
  • Clean entrance ways
  • Clean main stairways
  • Empty the All Recycling containers in the public areas of campus, as needed.

Three Times a Week

  • Empty trash in designated office areas

Every Other Week

  • Damp mop floors
  • Vacuum floors


  • Dust specific areas as needed, without disturbing any items


  • Operate the All Recycling program.
  • Scrub, wax, burnish and refinish floors during academic term breaks, where feasible, and as break time permits. 
  • Shampoo carpets/carpet cleaning during academic term breaks, where feasible, and as break time permits.
  • Window cleaning is contracted out, as the availability of funding permits.
  • Expenses related to requests for variations in service schedules (i.e., lock outs) are passed on to the requesting department.
  • Above-baseline custodial/cleaning services may be requested on a fee-for-service basis, by dialing 513-558-2500.


  • All custodial staffing is based on availability. When a shortage of staff exists, areas will be policed.
  • The priority standard for cleaning is as follows: restrooms; classrooms; public spaces; and labs.  In areas designated as office space, trash will be emptied three (3) times a week, provided staffing is available.
  • Custodial staff may only perform duties that are specifically listed in their job classification.
  • Due to the sensitivity of equipment, at no time will custodial staff clean televisions, computers, monitors, and their related work station equipment, tables and desks.
  • Room and building access requests should be made to UC Police at 513-556-1111.  Building Services does not perform this function.
Associate Directors for Building Services and their Facility Responsibilities

Academic Health Center

Contact: John Williams

Phone: (513) 558-4140

Uptown Campus West

Contact: Annette Steagall

Phone: (513) 556-4830

Campus Services and Athletics

Contact: Steve Wagner

Phone: (513) 556-6433

Cardiovascular Research Center (CRC)

CARE/Crawley Bldg.

French East

Health Professions Building

Kettering Lab Complex

Kowalewski Hall

Logan Hall

Medical Science Bldg. (MSB)

Medical Science - Receiving

Medical Science - Service

Procter Hall

Radiation Safety Laboratory

Surgical Research Unit

University Hall

Utility Plants, Central & East

Vontz Center for Molecular Studies

60 West Charlton

Baldwin Hall

Blegen Library

Braunstein Hall

Calhoun St. Garage - Interior

Campus Receiving Bldg.

Campus Services Garage

CCM - Corbett Center of Performing Arts

CCM - Dieterle Vocal Arts

CCM - Emery Hall

CCM - Memorial Hall

Clifton Ct. Pavilion North

Clifton Ct. Pavilion South

College of Law

Commons Edge North

Commons Edge South

Crosley Tower

DAAP - Alms Bldg.

DAAP - Aronoff Center

DAAP - DAAP Addition

DAAP - Wolfson Center

Dyer Hall

Edwards Center

Engineering Research Center

French Hall West

Geology - Physics Bldg.

Langsam Library

Lindner Hall

McMicken Hall

Old Chemistry Bldg.

Rhodes Hall

Rieveschl Hall

Swift Hall

Teachers College

University Pavilion

Van Wormer Hall

Varsity Village Imaging Ctr.

Victory Parkway Campus

Zimmer Hall

Armory Fieldhouse

Bellevue Gardens

Calhoun Hall

Campus Recreation Center

Dabney Hall

Daniels Hall

Lindner Center

Marian Spencer Hall

Morgens Hall

Nippert Stadium

Schneider Hall

Schott Stadium

Scioto Hall

Sheakley Athletics Center

Shoemaker Multipurpose Center

Siddall Hall

Steger Student Life Center

Stratford Bldgs. 1-21

Stratford Digby House

Tangeman University Center

Trabert-Talbert Tennis

Turner Hall