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About Us:

Reporting Facilities Maintenance & Repair Service Requests: 

During Regular Office Hours (which are Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm):

After Hours (which are: 4:00 pm to 7:30 am; all weekends; and all holidays)

  • Report All After-Hours Emergency Maintenance Requests by dialing 513-556-1111 to the Communications Center of UC Public Safety and request that they contact and dispatch emergency maintenance response staff.
  • Report All After-Hours Routine Maintenance Service Requests by dialing 513-558-2500 to leave a detailed voice message that will be reviewed the next business day.

Maintenance & Operations provides services to:

Uptown Campus West (including Athletics facilities)
Academic Health Center
(UC Medical Center and Center Hill facilities)
Residence Halls and MainStreet:
Tangeman University Center, Steger Student Life Center, Campus Recreation Center, Bellevue Gardens
UC Reading Campus (formerly Genome Research Institute-GRI)
UC Victory Parkway Campus (formerly College of Applied Science)

Note:  Contact the college administrative offices at UC Clermont Campus and UC Blue Ash Campus for facility service requests.

Maintenance and Operations supports the University of Cincinnati by providing baseline maintenance services to more than 100 UC buildings, totaling nearly ten million square feet of space.   Most service requests that Maintenance and Operations performs are completed by staff on first shift, Mondays through Fridays, involving mechanical, technical and trades skills:

Building Controls
Emergency Maintenance (off-hours coverage)
General Maintenance
Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning

Above-baseline requests for facility maintenance, minor office changes, small mechanical/electrical/plumbing/carpentry installations, or painting projects, and other services may be arranged through the Facilities Management Maintenance Department, on a fee-for-service basis, by dialing 513-558-2500 or entering an online request for a billable work order via the AF Facilities Management Customer Request site.

Major office changes or renovations
(facility maintenance, minor-to-major office changes, installations or renovations, cleaning/custodial and other services) can be arranged through the Facilities Management Project Services Department, on a fee-for-service basis, by dialing 513-556-1131 or 513-556-0760.

Contact Us: 

Telephone:  513-558-2500


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Changes to the Online Customer Request Process

Average Billable Service Rates


Ken Bloomer, BSMET, CEM
Director, Maintenance & Operations
Email:  Kenneth.Bloomer@uc.edu
Phone:  513-556-0605
Fax:  513-556-1244


Energy Conservation Practices

The University of Cincinnati’s campus is actively controlled by a comprehensive centralized building monitoring system (BMS). This BMS system allows for a sophisticated control of many of the largest pieces of equipment, lighting and HVAC systems operating throughout the campus buildings. Beyond the BMS, the preferred temperature control setpoints for the buildings during occupied periods at the university are 70°F heating and 74°F cooling. The University's staff sets back the temperatures and the airflows wherever possible.  UC's unoccupied building temperature setpoints are 65°F heating and 78°F cooling.  These unoccupied periods are determined by either an occupancy sensor or time of day schedule.