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Construction Announcement from Planning + Design + Construction

Effective 8/1/19....

The new northern section of MainStreet is now open.  Situated between Woodside Garage and the new Carl H. Lindner Hall, it is a permanent shared path for pedestrians and emergency vehicles and services vehicles to ERC/CRC/RHODES and STEGER docks.   

TRANSIT ROW (located between Campus Green Garage and the new Carl H. Lindner Hall) is now fully operational and open to bus and personal vehicles for pick up and drop off.  Personal vehicles and shuttle traffic is no longer permitted to the MainStreet Plaza infront of ERC former location of the CRC / ERC turnaournd.. 

Appropriate signage has been posted.


2019-20 UC West Campus Construction Map

The Office of Planning + Design + Construction will release campus construction updates and any related changes to logistics periodically.  You may contact 556-1933 with any questions or concerns.