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Construction Today...

Construction Announcement from Planning + Design + Construction

Traffic patterns are changing again as construction of the MainStreet Plaza North and the new Carl H. Lindner Hall  continues.   

Effective 12/17/18....

Emergency vehicles and dock access for ERC/CRC/Rhodes/Steger and Nippert will resume use of Woodside Drive and into MainStreet North.  This new north section of MainStreet is a permanent and shared path with pedestrians.  Appropriate signage has been posted.

Shuttle, Bus and personal vehicle traffic will continue to use a portion of the new transportation row between Campus Green Garage and the new Lindner College of Business building.  this is a permanent improvement which will be put into full operation in the summer of 2019.

Personal vehicles and shuttle traffic is no longer  able to reach the former CRC / ERC plaza for pick up and drop. 

The Office of Planning + Design + Construction will release campus construction updates and any related changes to logistics periodically.  You may contact 556-1933 with any questions or concerns.

Click here for Lindner CoB map June 17, 2019 - July 3, 2019

Please be extra cautious when walking around campus and especially when crossing the roads and plaza areas that lead to the site.