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Project Request Form

Project Request Form is the first step to initiate any Planning, Renovation or Construction project.  These may be related to a research grant application, a space renovation, new furniture, finishes or furniture/major equipment requested by a department for current or future needs.

Please be advised that Planning, Design and Construction needs to be involved in any space modification (major or minor) at the very initial concept of the project.

Instructions to fill out the form –

You are required to fill tabs 1, 2, 3 

1)      General Information: This includes department information that is requesting the project.

2)      Program/ Planning Information: Only fill out Building Location , Room and Floor where the space modification project is required

3)      Project Description: Please provide a brief description of the desired project and why it is required (purpose of modified space)

4)      Material Information: Fill out only if known

5)      Funding Source: Fill out only if known (this will be developed in the Program Phase)

Project Request Form (Electronic)


Temporary Art Installation Form is required to be filled by any individual looking to exhibit artwork at a selected location on campus.

Email the completed form to the contact address provided at the bottom of the form. We will contact you after we have received and reviewed the form. Please forward all of your questions to John Martini at 556-3759