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Real Estate Services (RES)

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Real Estate Office Responsibilities:
-Acquisitions/Dispositions of University Real Estate
-Lease Negotiations (on and off-campus)
-Establishing rental rates for University Real Estate
-Appraisals/Property Analyzes
-Management of: 
Leases with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
University’s Real Estate Database


Contact Information:    

Real Estate Office    
Planning + Design + Construction   
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 600   
P.O. Box 210186      
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0186

All University Divisions, Departments and Directors shall contact RES, in writing,whenever they contemplate physical expansion or determine the need to acquire, lease, dispose, or manage any type of real property. Whenever a University employee on behalf of a Dean, Director or Department Head requires any type of real estate or real property transaction or the cancellation of said transaction, a Real Estate Services Request Form must be submitted to RES prior to any formal action.

Call or e-mail questions to:

E. David Averion, Director of Real Estate Admin.
(513)556-2861 or

Stacy Felchner, Real Estate Specialist II
(513)556-1694 or

Greg Robinson, Property Manager
(513) 556-2107

Anne Stall, Asst. to VP of P+D+C
(513)556-1933 or