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UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Move-In / Move-Out

Move In

On campus at the beginning of each school year, the Office of Sustainability works with Grounds/Moving/Transportation, Housekeeping, R.E.D., and Housing to reduce material from ending up in the landfill through encouraging recycling.  These efforts involve strategically placing additional recycling dumpsters throughout campus, working with volunteers, residence hall staff, and incoming students and families on the importance of recycling and how to recycle properly on campus.

Move Out

On campus at the end of each school year, the Office of Sustainability works with a variety of partners in the pursuit of diverting material from ending up in the landfill while also getting it to those in need.  In the residence halls, donation bins from local charity organizations are deployed along with donation bins from the Bearcat Food Pantry.  On the perimeter of campus, the Office hosts the annual Re*Use Market which functions as a donation hub and free store.

Re*Use Market  

The Re*Use Market was founded in Spring 2008 by students who saw the need to reduce waste being sent to the landfill which could easily be reused by others in the community. The Re*Use Market continues to grow each year, attracting more donations and more individuals seeking treasures at the free market.

Furniture, household goods, non-perishable food items, electronics, books, clothing, sporting goods, toys, etc. are all accepted. The donations are placed in the Re*Use Market, and anyone from UC or the Greater Cincinnati community can come to take items they would like. At the end of the week, remaining items are given to local charities.

270 Calhoun St. (grass space East of the Old YMCA building)

Uptown Waste Diversion*

Off campus throughout the summer, students living in the neighborhoods surrounding the University tend to move out of their residences towards the end of July and at the beginning of August.  In order to reduce litter, prevent blight, and divert waste from the landfill, starting in 2018, the Office of Sustainability  began collaborating with the City of Cincinnati, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, and a variety of other local organizations to host the inaugural Uptown Waste Diversion event, where for two weeks, a central donation hub and recycling center is located in the Uptown area.

UC's Uptown Waste Diversion program has been featured at the International Re*Use Connex Conference and via in AASHE Webinar.


*Following the Univeristy's COVID-19 guidelines, Uptown waste Diversion will not be happening in person in 2020. Instead please see the guide below where to donate your items.


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Re*Use Market
Uptown Waste Diversion