UC Sustainability

UC Sustainability

Environmental Literacy

Pursuing environmental literacy offers the opportunity to gain insight into the complex relationship between ourselves as humans and the natural world we depend on for our sustenance.  This understanding touches on everything from ecology to economics, social justice to sustainable design, allowing individuals to make informed, responsible choices in their daily lives.  This literacy is also increasingly necessary across professional disciplines, as a wide range of fields employ the language of sustainability, green development, and resource conservation.  

Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement

**reworking to resume fall 2018**

Students, staff, and faculty can earn an Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement* by attending a variety of programs offered by the Office of Sustainability.  In order to earn the certificate, participants must register for and attend 4 lectures, 4 films, 5 small group dinner discussions, 3 volunteer events, and 4 other events in any of the categories, for a total of 20 events.  Once a participant has attended 20 events, s/he will be asked to submit a short essay reflecting upon the experience.  In return, participants will receive a certificate signed by President Ono and will be listed on this website.

The small group dinner discussion begin in Fall 2013.  Participants must sign up in advance and commit to attending at least five of a series of seven discussions that will occur during the year.  The series will utilize the Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course created by the Northwest Earth Institute.  Copies of the discussion material are available on reserve at the Langsam Library, DAAP library, and GeoPhysMath library circulation desks.

In order for attendance at an event to count, participants must register for the event in advance via the registration portal found on the Upcoming Offerings tab. 

  • In addition to the Environmental Literacy Certificate Program, UC also conducts surverys to gauge our campus community's perception of sustainability on campus, so that we can better address our efforts.  The next survey iwill be from 10/16 - 11/13/2017.

*This is a non-credit certificate and will not be displayed on transcripts.

Environmental Literacy Staff Trainings

In addition to this new certificate program for students, we have started small group trainings with staff members.  These training sessions meet once a month, and after a year of sessions, participating staff members earn an Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement.  A group of supervisors and managers from the Housekeeping Department was the first to participate.  Sessions started in September 2012, with the group receiving their certificates in July 2013.  The list of topics covered in these sessions will be provided soon. 

Interested in having your department participate in the next training series?  Contact Mary Beth McGew.

Certificate Earners

We are proud to announce that the following participants have earned their Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement, either through staff trainings or the independent track:

  • Morgan Billingsley
  • Emily Cigolle
  • Pam DeLyons
  • Sharon Elliott
  • Elizabeth Ferguson
  • Evan Finklea
  • Ronald Gillespie
  • Mary Gorsek
  • Sylvia Halbert
  • David Harley
  • Bryan Hilson
  • Patricia Hodge
  • Elizabeth Karle
  • Christine Kimble
  • Yvette McCoy
  • Kayla McKinney
  • Mary Clare Meyer
  • Maggie Murphy
  • Derrick Pope
  • Adrian Powell
  • Dean Smith
  • Victor Smith
  • Annette Steagall
  • Linda True
  • Dawn Turvey
  • Cheryl Williams
  • Greg Wilson
  • Darnell Winbush
  • Shari Winbush
  • Ceclia Yancey
  • Candis Stuart
  • Caroline Lierl