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Tuition Guarantee

We are proud to introduce the Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee for new, degree-seeking first-year and transfer students enrolling at our Uptown or regional campuses beginning with the Fall 2019 semester. The Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee is a cohort-based program that sets tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board at a consistent rate for up to four or five years depending on the length of a student's academic program.

Investing in a college education is one of the most impactful decisions you can make for future success. And we believe every student and family deserves to know exactly what that investment will be. 

Being transparent and consistent about costs means that students can fully focus on their Cincinnati experience – both in the classroom and beyond.

Visit the Admissions website for updates regarding the Cincinnati Tuition Guarantee.


Tuition Guarantee 2019-2020 Fees

Please note, below we have included the fees for undergraduate students enrolled Summer 2019 or after.  Students could be subject to additional fees not included in the charts below. Such fees include but are not limited to non-resident surchargesprogram feesstudent health insurance/bloodborne pathogen insurancespecial course fees, etc.

For more information regarding how fees are assessed please visit our How Fees are Determined page.


*For Summer Semester 2020 (2205) ONLY, the Campus Life Fee and General Fee will not be charged at any campus. 



Additional Fees:

Students could be assessed some or several of the following fees, in addition to the fees above. These fees are assessed based on a students waiver submission, residency status, primary academic program and plan, or enrollment in a specific class section.