* College Long-Term Loan Recommendation Form (51.5 KB)
Used by colleges to recommend an institutional long-term loan for a student meeting eligibility criteria.


* Course/Class Fee Opt-Out Form (45.5 KB)
This is the form students are required to complete and submit to One Stop Student Services to opt-out of an eligible course or class fee assessed to their bill.



* Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (75.0 KB)
Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note (Expires 09/30/2018)


* Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note Addendum (45.4 KB)
Federal Perkins Master Promissory Note Addendum for Loans made prior to Fall 2010


* Federal Perkins MPN Personal & Confidential Form (32.9 KB)
Required form for those students accepting a Federal Perkins Loan award.


* Item Type Setup Form (revised 03/12/2020) (55.9 KB)
Item Types are used to award aid and post charges. Departments, Colleges or Units should use this form to request a new Item Type in Catalyst (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions).


* Module Drop-Withdraw with Future Class (61.0 KB)
This form is necessary when a student who is enrolled in only modular or mini-session classes for a term and chooses to drop or withdraw from a class using a method other than the on-line web registration system. Students in this situation that are enrolled in future classes in the same term must certify they intent to participate/attend the class or classes scheduled to start in the future. Completed forms should be sent to One stop Student Services.


* Short-Term Loan Application (112.7 KB)
Students applying for a short-term loan must complete this application and submit it, along with a copy of their valid driver’s license, via an encrypted email to


* Short-Term Loan Promissory Note (39.2 KB)
To expedite the process One Stop Staff may work with students to complete the promissory note and forward it with the application to the Loans and Collections Department in the Office of the Bursar.


* Scholarship Check Processing Form (52.0 KB)
This form is used when students have third-party scholarship checks that need to be applied to their student account at UC.


* Sponsored Student Agreement (52.5 KB)
This form is used by outside third-party entities (companies, agencies, etc.) who want to pay tuition and/or fees for students.