Every charge posted to a student's account is assigned a "Due Date". The standard calendar is set up to assign course-related due dates at 5 days before the class starts. If a charge is posted after this date, the due date will be set at 7 days from the posting date. Other charges not related to courses (e.g. Student Health Insurance) will be due 5 days before the term starts, and after that, the due date will be set at 7 days from the posting date.

Some charges may be posted with a set due date that does not follow the standard calendar. These dates are established by the posting unit at the time the charge is posted. If a charge is posted without a due date one will be assigned following the standard calendar.

Every Tuesday students who have charges due within the next 7 days, including any past due amounts, will receive an e-mail letting them know they have a balance due. The e-mail will tell them the past due amount, the current/future due amount and the total due amount.

On the 25th of each month, students with a past due balance will receive an e-mail and/or letter informing them of their past due balance and the risk of late payment fees and collection activity. Students will have until 11:59PM on the last day of the month to pay their bill. Using the U.S. postal service, night dropbox, is not recommended and will not insure payment is processed by the deadline. Online payments are processed and credited to the students account immediately.

On the first day of each month (at 12:01 AM), the late payment fee process will start. This includes running Credit History runs to establish aging of accounts and posting runs to post late payment fees to the accounts of students with balances >= 16 days past due. Late payment fees are calculated the same as the previous system, $50 flat fee + 1.5% interest.  

Students can see their balance by due dates via the Student Portal (“My Finances” tab > Account Inquiry > Charges Due).

Students with past due balances are subject to the following collection actions:

  • Late payment fees (every account past due >= 16 days is assessed $50 flat fee + 1.5% interest each and every month they have a past due balance. Students will be subject to these late fees before it is turned over for third-party billing or collections.
  • Registration and Transcript service blocks prevent students who have a past due balance due from obtaining a transcript and being able to register for additional classes. Students can review all outstanding service blocks in the student portal.
  • Students enrolled in future terms are subject to having their classes administratively canceled for non-payment of their previous balance.
  • Bursar Collection staff will attempt to contact the student via e-mail, letters, and calls. If staff are unable to establish a payment plan the account will be referred to our third-party billing service, Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI). ECSI will continue to bill students on UC's behalf. In addition, ECSI will report the outstanding debt to the major credit bureaus and assess a $50/month billing service fee plus 1.5% interest on the outstanding balance. This fee is not waivable or refundable but will be suspended once the student makes, and continues to honor, a mutually agreeable payment plan with UC.

    ECSI's contact information:

Address: Heartland ECSI
100 Global View Drive
Warrendale, PA 15086
Telephone: (888) 549-3274
Fax: (866) 291-5384


  • ECSI will continue to bill on UC's behalf for up to 9 months. At which time ECSI will turn over the account to the Ohio Attorney General's Office (OAG) for collections, as required by state law. Once an account is turned over to the OAG additional fees (10% AG Fee, 5% Interest, 21% Collection Agency Fee, 25% Special Counsel Fee) will be added to the balance due depending on the actions necessary to collect the debt due the University. All payment arrangements must be made through their office. The OAG can be reached at (888) 665-5440.
  • Once in collections under no circumstances may a student be allowed to obtain a transcript or enroll at the University until the entire balance due is paid in full.