Prepaid Sponsored Aid

When a check is received that has been made payable to the student and/or the university, Student Accounts will contact the student to come to the One Stop Student Center and endorse the check so that it can be processed.

Checks for amounts less than $2,500 that are intended for the entire academic year, or are one-time, are usually applied to the students first enrolled term; however, students or sponsors can elect to spread the amount across the terms in the academic year.

Sponsors please note that once the award is posted to a student's account and funds have been disbursed to the student your organization will need to work directly with the student for the return of any funds.

Prepaid sponsorship/scholarship checks should be mailed to:

Sponsored Student Accounts
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210140
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0140

UC IRS Form W-9

Looking for UC's IRS Form W-9?

Students who already have the scholarship check should endorse the check, complete the Scholarship Check Processing Form and mail all related documents to the address above.

When mailing checks please include the students name, date of birth, and if possible, the student's ID #. This is especially important for students with common last names such as Smith, Jones, Johnson, etc.

Questions regarding prepaid sponsorships should be directed to Student Accounts at (513) 556-5055 or by e-mail at