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Affordability Lives Here

The University of Cincinnati puts students first. We have frozen undergraduate tuition for degree-seeking current/continuing students five consecutive years. We place a premium on affordability, access and accountability and are committed to listening to the interests and needs of students and their families.

A Message from President Pinto


Our Board of Trustees has approved my recommendation to freeze tuition for our returning degree-seeking undergraduate students for the 2019-2020 academic year. This marks the fifth consecutive year that we have held tuition flat. I want to thank our Board for putting students and families first.

UC’s diligence in holding the line on tuition for six of the past seven years is a sign of our commitment to access and affordability as a public university. With students and families in mind, our university has worked hard to find efficiencies and creative ways to reduce costs for our students.

The board’s measure on flat tuition affects only our returning degree-seeking undergraduates (the vast majority of our enrollment). For new students enrolling this year, our Board approved at its meeting in April 2019 a new Tuition Guarantee program that aligns to Governor DeWine’s proposed program statewide.  New students may find more information on the Tuition Guarantee program at the admissions website and in the FAQ .

I want to assure you that the University of Cincinnati will never cease in our efforts to reduce costs where possible without impinging on quality education.

As we continue to advocate for accessible and affordable education, it is helpful for us to hear from you about the importance of keeping costs down for students and families. I hope you will tell us why freezing tuition matters to you and your family.  You can share your story by posting it here.  

Best regards,

Neville G. Pinto





We want to hear from students & their families.

Please provide written narrative or upload a video on how important college affordability is to you so we can share it.