Welcome to the Alumni Family!

Congratulations on joining the family of more than 300,000 Bearcats. On-campus or on the other side of the globe, you can have fun while making an invaluable contribution to the life of UC. #ThyLoyalChildren

Before you move that tassel to the other side of your cap, we wanted to give you a bit more info about what it means to be a UC alumnus. We've unlocked a bunch of really awesome benefits that we think you'll enjoy. Check them out now. Thank us later.

Don't forget: we're here to help you successfully transition into the big, bad "real world" and start out on the right foot!

  • Nationwide: Get discounts on insurance through our official insurance sponsor. Plus, they're always on your side and you can never be too safe, right?

  • Travel Program: Because you've been in Cincinnati for 4+ years, you deserve to see the rest of the world!

  • Discounted hotel rates: When you come back to campus, stay close by.

  • 50%: The discount UC graduates within the last 5 years receive on UC Football and Basketball season tickets. #GoBearcats

  • UC Bookstores: Get 10% off at all University of Cincinnati bookstores

Look, we know you are a proud Bearcat alumnus. You’ve already penciled us in for Homecoming, you follow us on all social media channels, AND you’re killing it as a UC Champion. But there are other ways to get involved and show your UC pride.

Shall we list the ways?

  • Connect with other alumni around the world.
  • Give back. Your support of UC changes lives. 
  • Update your information, so we know to invite you to some really cool UC parties.

Have other ideas on how to get involved? Email us. We love hearing from you!

We get it! Starting a new life post-grad requires a lot of moving around. Between the new job and maybe a new city, you might've forgotten to keep us updated. It's okay, we won't take it personally. 

We’d love to hear about all your new and exciting adventures after UC. Make sure to keep us in the know about what’s going on in your life by updating your information below. Also, when you do you'll be entered to win a free diploma frame (let's face it, we all know that piece of paper is just lying around collecting dust).

We know making new connections is not always an easy feat. 

Luckily, you have a secret weapon. Us. The UC Alumni Association.

With more than 300,000 UC alumni living throughout the United States and across the world, we're here to help you ease the transition to a new career, relocate to a new city or country, catch up with old friends, seek professional advice, or just keep up with goings-on at your alma mater.

So, never fear! We're here for you.

Don't know where to start? We've gathered some alumni networks you may be interested in:

  • College Networks: 
    Want to stay connected with the college and professors who truly made an impact on you? Our college alumni networks provide opportunities for alumni to get involved with their specific UC college. From networking events to professional development, there are many ways to stay connected.
  • National Networks:
    Did you know there are 32 Bearcat networks around the country? Find a group of Bearcats in your new city, and Cincinnati will never feel far away. #ThyLoyalChildren
  • Affinity Networks: 
    Were you involved in student organizations while at UC? Looking to connect with other alumni who share your interests? Check out our many alumni affinity networks – such as UCYP and Women of UC – to get involved with like-minded Bearcats.

Connect with fellow Bearcats.


Email the UC Alumni Association
or call 513-556-4344.