Accommodation Form Information

Beginning Spring 2023, Accessibility Resources will begin sending students who are registered for at least one course their Accommodation Forms several weeks before a semester begins.

A timeline can be found below for each semester. Students can provide faculty with their Accommodation Form for the upcoming semester when they receive it or wait until the semester has begun.    

Students who register for accommodations after a semester has begun, register for classes late, or have not received their Accommodation Form by the start of a semester can contact our office at or 513-556-6823 to request their Accommodation Form. 

Accommodation Forms will only be sent to the student’s UC email. Students should search for an email from our office with the subject, “Accommodation Form Spring 2023” before contacting our office. 

Accommodation Form Delivery Timelines

 Accommodation Form Delivery Timelines by Term
Semester When Accommodation Forms are Sent
Fall Semester Last week of July through the third week of August  
Spring Semester Third week of November through the second week of January
Summer Semester Last week of April through the second week of May

If you are not already registered with Accessibility Resources and would like to apply for services, please see our Registration page.