Iron Bearcat Challenge

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Have you ever wanted to try an Ironman? Well now you can! We know that finding a goal can help keep you motivated and focused. This is your opportunity to complete an Ironman at your own pace over an entire month. AND this can be completed anywhere! Outside, another gym or in our beloved Campus Recreation Center. Participants will be required to submit their milage after completing a workout. 

Our goal is to get people moving and experience the joy that physical activity can bring to your life. We hope you participate in this challenge! 


Full Ironman

  • Run/Walk: 26.2 miles
  • Bike: 112 miles
  • Swim: 2.4 miles OR Row: 4.8 miles

Half Ironman

  • Run/Walk: 13.1 miles
  • Bike: 56 miles
  • Swim: 1.2 miles OR Row 2.4 miles


October 17 - November 17 


The best part of this challenge? You can earn your milage from anywhere! Don't have time to go to the gym? Count the .5 mile walk to your car. Taking a bike ride over the weekend? Count those miles. 

Registration & Cost

Register for the Iron Bearcat Challenge below! This event is FREE!


The top finishers will receive a prize! Plus,10 random finishers will be drawn for a prize! 

Tracking Distances

You will be responsible for submitting your distances after each workout. There is no limit to how many submissions each day or how many miles you accumulate each day. Be prepared to take a photo of your completed workout! Use the link below to track. 


Contact Traci Smith ( or Maddi Stiles (