Fitness Floor Orientation

Detail shot of exercise equipment spaced out on workout running track at Campus Recreation Center (CRC). University of Cincinnati efforts around health / safety on campus, e.g., Wellness screen and partition, decals, furniture arrangements, hand sanitizer stations, tape over seating areas, exercise equipment spaced out. UC/ Joseph Fuqua II

Get your own Fitness Floor Orientation! Our friendly, knowledgeable fitness staff will give you a 30-minute tour of the fitness floor and answer any questions you have about the facility and equipment. Unsure how to use a specific piece of equipment? Our staff will be happy to demonstrate this for you.

Individual Fitness Floor Orientation

Whether you'd like an overview of our unique fitness floor level, an orientation on a specific type of equipment, or simply need help navigating our digital signage, we invite you to take advantage of your FREE 30-minute Fitness Floor Orientation.

Limit one session per member.

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