About Us


UC CAPS achieves excellence through a community-based, integrated care approach to psychological services and training that creates an optimal healthy environment for students to grow psychologically, relationally, and intellectually, as well as achieve wellness and academic success.


CAPS strives to be a system that encourages emotional, psychological, and relational health and builds a responsible and compassionate community that supports the holistic development and academic success of students.


  1. Organized Teamwork: We rely on teamwork and collaboration which values diverse ideas, actively engaged communication and organized action between CAPS staff, the UC community and most importantly students.
  2. Care and respect in all our relationships: we value all experiences and respect and value all individuals, groups and ideas with compassion and care. We value openness, honesty, and genuine care and concern for each other.
  3. Student-centered: We meet students where they are and respond to their needs with open communication and respect. We encourage autonomy and informed choice.
  4. Equity & Inclusion: We contribute to a highly inclusive campus and value equity, inclusion, and social justice in programming, service provision, recruitment, curriculum involvement, and advocacy.
  5. High Quality Accessible Services: dedicated to reducing stigma and barriers to create high quality accessible services.
  6. Data-informed: we encourage innovation, creativity, and quality services that are always informed by data, research, and best practice.
  7. Contemplative Practice: We value presence in our work and a focus on joy, mindfulness and meaningful interaction.
  8. Graduate training: CAPS is focused on contributing to quality, multi-disciplinary graduate training focused on integrative practice and inter-professional education.


Contact and Directions

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We are located at 225 Calhoun Street, Suite 200 next to Rue 21. You will need to use the intercom system on the left to enter the building; just follow the instructions. Our main phone number is 513-556-0648. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Intercampus UC Mailing Address

Counseling and Psychological Services
P.O. Box 210034
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0034

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Counseling and Psychological Services
225 Calhoun Street, Ste. 200
Cincinnati, OH 45219