Outreach and Campus Engagement

The mission of Outreach and Campus Engagement Services is to bring CAPS services and clinicians out of the counseling center and into the UC community to improve campus life. 

Through outreach and Community Engagement, we hope to engage students in CAPS services, change attitudes and stigma about mental health, and reach out to individuals and communities that may otherwise not seek mental health services.

Outreach includes community consultation with students, faculty, and staff; presence at events to improve the mental wellness of our campus; and education about relevant topics.

A Community of Care

Outreach and Campus Engagement includes developing relationships with academic departments and student affairs and services offices. Our liaison staff provides assistance to departments/offices across campus designed to meet the psychological and developmental needs of students. We value building collaborative relationships with our campus partners. 

CAPS provides presentations to the UC community for a variety of topics related to mental health and wellness. Please visit our Campus Link page to see upcoming Community Outreach Events. If you would like to request a presentation for your classroom, group or organization, CAPS Health and Wellness partner, The Student Wellness Center, offers presentations on a variety of mental wellness topics. Please visit the Student Wellness Center page to request a presentation.

Let's Talk is a program which provides easy access to clinicians from UC's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). This service is available for all UC students who may not need traditional counseling, but could still benefit from one-on-one support. Visit the Let's Talk Page for more information

CAPS engages in numerious suicide prevention initiatives including the provison of the free suicide prevention app REACHout, a 24/7 crisis and consultation line accessed through our main phone number (513) 556-0648, and the suicide prevention training QPR. QPR is a nationally recognized suicide prevention program and can provide vital information about supporting students in distress. Please visit our Campus Link page to see upcoming QPR trainings.

CAPS offers a variety of essential mental health trainings. We believe in creating and supporting a trauma informed community within the university. These training are designed to provide helpful information and resources to faculty, staff, and students. Trainings include supporting students in distress, evidence-informed ways to support students after trauma, and suicide prevention. CAPS frequently partners with the Faculty Enrichement Center and Staff Enrichment Center to provide these opportunities to build the skills to create a community of care at UC.  

If you're a UC student who wants to join in the work of creating a community of care, check out these groups! CAPS is proud to partner with the wellness oriented student groups Sky@UC and the Bearcat Support Network to bring awarness to the postive impact mindfulness and peer support can bring to our UC community.