Additional Services for Students

We offer support services for students that are designed to be accessible and convenient by providing programming, resources, and an opportunity to connect with our staff when you need it and most often on campus. We aspire to offer both formal and informal supports to students in our community. Below are a few of the services we offer as suport for students. 

Peer to Peer Programs

Counseling and Psychological Services in collaboration with Student Wellness help facilitate a variety of peer to peer programs at the unviersity. Peer based support programs provide a valuable opportunity for students to engage their peer community in a supportive and inclusive way around topics of mental health and wellness. These resources are informal in nature and you do not need to be a client of CAPS to participate. Click here for more information


Become a Certified Meditation Facilitator with SKY: CAPS and the Student Wellness Center has collaborated with SKY@UC to foster a peer-supported mental well-being bearcat community. Under this initiative, students will be offered scholarships to learn evidence-based SKY Breath Meditation, participate in Silence Retreats, and betrained to facilitate meditation and wellness workshops. Connect with SKY@UC on CampusLINK!

Let's Talk

Let's Talk is a program which provides easy access to clinicians from CAPS. This service is available for all UC students who may not need traditional counseling, but could still benefit from one-on-one support. Click here for more information.

Therapy Assistance Online

TAO is a free interactive, web-based self-help program that provides online and mobile tools to help you overcome the day to day challenges around stressors like anxiety, depression, or other concerns. Click here for more information. 


The Reach Out - University of Cincinnati App is a free app available for smart phones that provides a wealth of information for the UC community. Click here for more information.


CAPS provides presentations to the UC community for a variety of topics related to mental health and wellness. These workshops and programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of groups/units across campus, i.e. workshops on issues of diversity within units or factors that impact the mental health needs and functioning of at risk or targeted groups. If you would like to request a workshop or presentation, please contact Julie Lineburgh, M.Ed., LPCC-S at 513-556-0648.