Alcohol and Other Drug Change and Recovery Services

Our Alcohol and Other Drug Change and Recovery Services are intended for students who are experiencing concerns or problems with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. It is also for students in recovery and wanting to maintain abstinence from Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD). Recognizing the challenges and opportunities that are part of college life, the AOD Change and Recovery Program services are here to support you when substance misuse and, in some cases addiction, gets in the way of reaching your achievements and full potential. 

Mission Statement

The mission of AOD Change and Recovery Services is to facilitate appropriate efforts in order to assess and address problems and substance use on campus with the intent to support the student’s health, safety and academic success.

Guiding Principles (ICAN)

Integrity – being true to yourself and others.

Connection to Self and Community – developing relationships with self and others that cultivates compassion, courage, and confidence.

Awareness – understanding what we need and how to change.

Nurturance – restoring our minds, bodies, and values for growth.

Self-Referred Services

  • Assessments – an assessment is an opportunity to meet one-on-one with a counselor who will evaluate the nature of the problem a student is having with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. The assessment gets the student involved in a discussion of their substance use and formulating a plan to move forward, including services within CAPS or a referral for services in the community
  • Individual Counseling – one-on-one counseling at CAPS within a short-term framework. You and your counselor will work together to identify individualized treatment goals and help develop coping strategies to meet those goals.
  • Group Counseling – CAPS offers a group that focuses specifically on the concerns of substance use. Group participation requires an individual assessment as well as a meeting with the group facilitator prior to starting the group.
  • Workshop – CAPS offers a one hour workshop that is designed for students who desire basic information on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This service is not counseling and is open to any student who wishes to get an introduction to the potential problems of alcohol and other drugs. You do not need to be a client of CAPS to attend this workshop.
  • Therapist Assisted Online (TAO) – CAPS offers a web-based, interactive mental health and substance use educational tool, called TAO, that helps supplement traditional counseling sessions. 

Bearcats Recovery Community

The Bearcats Recovery Community is a program designed to support UC students in or seeking recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictions. The BRC and its programs allow students to have an authentic college experience at UC while maintaining their recovery. 

Student Wellness Party Smart

Bearcats party smart. No matter what you're celebrating, making safer choices around alcohol and other drugs is always a good time.

Party Smart is an initiative that encourages students to make lower-risk choices around alcohol and other drugs by providing strategies and resources.

Mandated Referred Services

Sometimes students are referred to CAPS by a department within UC or other outside agency for an Assessment of their substance use. Examples include Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards or Hamilton County Diversion Program. Mandated assessments are fee based. 

UC Department Referrals

A student who is referred by a department within UC should contact CAPS directly to schedule an assessment. This assessment will require two separate visits to CAPS to complete the interview and discuss the results and recommendations.

Court, Probation or Attorney Referred Services

CAPS provides assessment only to support UC students. Students can be referred by Hamilton County Diversion Program, attorneys, and programs from other court systems and can contact CAPS directly to schedule an assessment. This assessment will require two separate visits to CAPS to complete the assessment and discuss the results and recommendations. CAPS provides the student with a single-page memorandum of attendance and recommendations. Ongoing counseling is not provided by CAPS for to satisfy the requirements of diversion, courts, probation, or recommendations of attorneys. Students are responsible for checking with the referring organization or person to determine if this assessment program satisfies the requirements recommended.