Group Counseling

Interested in Joining an Online Group?

CAPS group room

Group therapy is often a treatment of choice for many students’ concerns. Online groups are highly effective way to address mental health and other personal concerns. By engaging in group therapy, students can expect improved overall well-being and connection with others.

Groups are free and confidential for all UC enrolled students. Talk to a clinician and ask about our group counseling program to get connected and learn more. A pre-group appointment with the facilitator(s) is needed before attending an online group. Call us at 513-556-0648 or talk to your counselor to get started. 

Understanding Self and Others

Want to learn more about yourself, how to interact with others, and try new ways of relating? This group provides the opportunity for diverse group members to meet their goals by providing and receiving honest feedback. Topics vary from week to week depending on group members’ needs. 


Understanding Self and Others BIPOC

Are you looking for a safe, supportive space for students of color to talk about issues that are important to them without judgment or fear? 

Survivor Pride

This gender-inclusive therapy group is for all survivors of sexual and/or relationship violence. Survivor Pride provides a safe and empowering space for group members to process past experiences, connect with other survivors, and better understand the impact of sexual and/or relationship violence. 

Anxiety Management Workshop (4 weeks)

Do you struggle with stress? Anxiety? Looking for helpful strategies to lead a more calm and relaxed life? The Anxiety Management Workshop is a 4-week educational and interactive group focused on building connections and stress management strategies. 



Group FAQ's

All of our groups are free to currently enrolled students at the University of Cincinnati. 

All of our groups require weekly 90 minute meetings. Groups typically meet for the duration of a semester for an average of ten meetings per semester. 

Group membership can vary by topic and semester. Groups typically include 5-8 student group members with one to two CAPS clinicians acting as group facilitators. If you are interested in the exact number of group members of a specific group, feel free to ask the group facilitator for the group you intend to join. 

Absolutely! It is normal to feel nervous about starting a new group. Most new group members experience fears of rejection and embarrassment when starting group. Fortunately these feelings typically subside within a few sessions. You will never be forced to share anything you do not want to share. 

We understand that it can be awkward to have a friend, roommate, or acquaintance in your group. If this would occur, you could inform your group facilitator(s) of the situation. The group facilitator(s), in conjunction with group members, would attempt to find a solution that maximizes the benefit and minimizes the risks for group members. In some cases, both group members may remain in the same group. In other cases, one group member may be asked to join another group.