Salary Data 2016-2017

Average full-time salaries for graduates who completed an undergraduate degree in the 2016-2017 academic year are presented below.

Data was collected from six months to one year after graduation in accordance with guidelines set by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


  • Average full-time salary for 2017 University of Cincinnati graduates across all regions of the United States was $40,041
  • Seventy-six Fortune 500 companies hired University of Cincinnati graduates
  • 79.3% of graduates accepted full-time positions in Ohio


  • We do not determine whether a graduate's reported job title is related to his or her degree. To remove bias, and in accordance with NACE guidelines, if a graduate reports he or she is working full-time, their salary is included.
  • That said, we exclude salaries below the federal poverty level under the assumption that such salaries are for jobs that are not related to a baccalaureate degree. This is also in accordance with NACE guidelines.
  • We only share aggregate data. "Not available" means that not enough salaries were reported to come up with an aggregate figure.
  • Figures reflect base salary only and do not include bonuses, commissions, fringe benefits, or overtime rates.
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Allied Health Sciences
Major Average Reported Salary
Advanced Medical Imaging Technology $49,062
Comm Sciences and Disorders not available
not available
Health Information Management $59,692
Health Sciences $24,613
Medical Laboratory Science $49,434
Respiratory Therapy $62,226
Social Work $26,284
Supervised Practice in Dietetics not available
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences
Major Average Reported Salary
Anthropology not available
Biological Sciences $28,675
Biological Sciences - BS $29,626
Chemistry - BS $33,590
Communication $32,390
Creative Writing $26,545
English Literature - BA $30,867
Environmental Studies $34,486
Geology - BA & BS not available
History $42,026
International Affairs not available
Journalism $26,771
Liberal Arts $28,939
Mathematics - BA & BS $48,326
Neuroscience - BS $23,493
Organizational Leadership $36,388
Political Science $31,175
Psychology - BA $31,221
Psychology - BS $30,046
Public Relations $30,925
Sociology $29,241
Spanish $34,511
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)
Major Average Reported Salary
Electronic Media $32,985
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP)
Major Average Reported Salary
Art History
Fashion Design $29,567
Fine Arts - Art $27,115
Game Art Design
not available
Graphic Communication Design $38,930
Industrial Design $47,697
Interior Design not available
Urban Planning $34,071
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services
Major Average Reported Salary
Criminal Justice $31,012
Deaf Studies $26,431
Early Childhood Care & Education $29,991
Early Childhood Education $22,220
Early Childhood Education - BS $30,737
Forensic Populations $27,406
Foundations of Cybersecurity not available
Health Education $27,052
Information Technology $52,529
Middle Childhood Education $20,000
Paralegal Studies $39,005
Secondary Education $26,412
Special Education not available
Sport Administration $30,690
Substance Abuse Counseling $34,053
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Engineering and Applied Science
Major Average Reported Salary
Aerospace Engineering $59,687
Architectural Engineering $57,091
Biomedical Engineering $43,742
Chemical Engineering $62,582
Civil Engineering $53,623
Computer Engineering $60,627
Computer Science $57,391
Construction Management $61,642
Electrical Engineering $58,366
Electrical Engineering Technology $81,363
Fire Science
Mechanical Engineering $63,839
Mechanical Engineering Technology $58,988
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the College of Nursing
Major Average Reported Salary
Nursing $40,743
Nursing - RN to BSN $56,197
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of the Lindner College of Business
Major Average Reported Salary
Accounting BBA $42,730
Business Economics - BBA $44,302
Economics $49,627
Entrepreneurship $34,659
Finance $42,758
Industrial Management $54,279
Information Systems $44,985
Insurance and Risk Management not available
International Business $39,669
Marketing $40,222
Operations Management $48,704
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of UC Blue Ash College
Major Average Reported Salary
Applied Administration $50,680
Applied Graphic Communication not available
Business Management Technology $33,478
Dental Hygiene Technology $39,655
Electronic Media Technology $25,884
Emergency Medical Services $50,718
Information Technology $48,775
Medical Assisting Services not available
Nursing Technology $41,782
Pre-Business Administration $37,177
Radiologic Technology $43,375
Veterinary Technology $23,590
Salary Data for 2016-17 Graduates of UC Clermont College
Major Average Reported Salary
Applied Administration $39,014
Business Management Technology $36,295
Criminal Justice Technology $31,091
Early Childhood Education not available
Health Information Systems not available
Manufacturing Technology $41,239
Medical Assistant
Paralegal Studies not available
Physical Therapist Assistant $32,810
Respiratory Care $48,192
Surgical Technology $37,486