VMock Virtual Resume Assistant

What is VMock?

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VMock is UC’s virtual resume assistant. It gives you customized suggestions and instant feedback on your resume, based on criteria gathered from employers and UC standards.

VMock is available online 24/7 and is free for UC students.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the VMock UC portal
  2. Log in with your UC credentials
  3. Click on “Upload Resume” and select a PDF version of your resume. If you do not have a ressume, click "See Template" and download the template.

Note: You can upload your resume for review a maximum of 10 times each academic year.


VMock will score your resume on a scale of 0 to 100 based on three criteria: Impact, Presentation and Competencies. Your score will correspond to a zone color. Your goal is to reach the green zone by incorporating VMock feedback.


Click the blue “View Detailed Feedback” button to view VMock’s suggestions. Navigate between “Summary,” “System Feedback,” and “Bullet Level Feedback” in the top left corner.

System Feedback

  • System Feedback has three components: Impact, Presentation and Competencies
  • Each component has core elements listed on the left - scroll down and click each element to view feedback
  • Click “Insights” to view examples

Targeted Feedback

  • View targeted feedback by clicking each section and scrolling down to view the “Bullet Level Feedback” section. Here, your bullet points are evaluated for six things: action-oriented, active voice, specifics, over-usage, filler words, and length.
  • To view recommended bullet structure, select “click here” button in the lower left corner.

Update Your Resume

When you are finished viewing VMock’s feedback, revise your resume by incorporating the suggestions. Then upload your new document to view your new score. (Remember, you can upload a resume a maximum of 10 times each academic year.)

More Help

If you wish, you can meet with a career coach to receive even more feedback on your resume. Come to walk-in hours or schedule an appointment.