PhD Students

Versatile PhD

Versatile PhD is an online tool that helps graduate students, ABDs and PhDs identify, prepare for, and excel in professional careers.

If you're preparing to enter the academic job market or considering a non-academic career, now is a great time to take advantage of Versatile PhD's valuable resources.

Access to Versatile PhD (VPhD) is granted to current graduate students at the University of Cincinnati.

Benefits of Versatile PhD

The benefits of using Versatile PhD include:

  • View authentic resumes and cover letters that got real PhDs their first post-academic jobs, along with detailed narratives describing the hiring process step by step and how new PhDs and ABDs successfully broke into a variety of careers
  • Read inspiring first-person stories by former academics describing how their careers evolved after leaving the academy including promotions, advancements and signature accomplishments
  • Get detailed inside information on a range of PhD-friendly careers from PhD-holders in those careers, along with answers to graduate student questions
  • Network with people who have PhDs and are employed outside the academy

Access Versatile PhD

Current graduate students can access Versatile PhD through this Handshake resource (UC login required).