Recent Projects

BHDP Architecture and the Future of Work

In a trans-disciplinary UC Forward course called the Future of Work, students addressed the changing social and professional needs of the modern workplace in the context of an ongoing revolution in technology which demands supportive settings for innovative knowledge-generating workers. The collaboration was initiated by Duke Energy in 2015 and subsequently spearheaded by BHDP Architecture to address concerns about future workforce development and to define trends in the evolution of the workplace. BHDP Architecture used the collaboration to position itself as a market leader in office design. 

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Puzzles for Zoo Animals

The Cincinnati Zoo funded and partnered with UC on a project which pulled 30 students from 10 disciplines together with 10 zoo staff mentors to design, fabricate, and test nine prototype animal enrichment devices for tigers, penguins, giraffes and large birds.

Article: UC students test wits of zoo animals with enrichment

Standard Textile Challenge

This Inquiry to Innovation course was conducted with corporate partner Standard Textile to support interdisciplinary teams of students in developing a new approach to addressing energy efficiency, privacy, and functionality for the windows of the future. A research and development engineer from the company led the teams through design and patenting processes to produce four proposals, two of which were selected for cash awards and further development.

The Urban Wilderness Project

This course was developed at the request of the Camping & Education Foundation (CEF), a local non-profit organization that aims at "bringing the woods to inner-city kids." Students worked directly with CEF experts to develop actionable strategies for engaging local inner-city children in outdoor leadership opportunities. Outcomes included youth program proposals and concepts for new facilities which were instrumental in gaining approval from the Cincinnati Park Board to establish a permanent presence in Burnet Woods.