University Funding Board

Picture of 13 UFB members from the 2019-20 board during a friends-giving event that they held.

What is the University Funding Board?

University Funding Board (UFB) allocates a portion of the general fee money to eligible Registered Student Organizations (RSO) that promote interaction and awareness through on and off-campus events that serve to directly benefit the entire student body. 

UFB Funding Eligibility

  • Must be a registered student organization (RSO) with the Student Activities Board (SAB) via GetInvolvedUC and remain in good standing with SAB and the university
  • Must be open to all students. Organizations with selective membership criteria or that charge dues are ineligible for UFB funding*
  • Must have a primarily undergraduate roster*

*Organizations that are eligible for Graduate Student Government funding or that have selective membership may be eligible to request funding for on-campus events that are open to all students. 

More information can be found in the UFB Handbook and on UFB's GetInvolvedUC page

Types of Funding

Each RSO eligible to receive UFB funds may request up to $5,500 each academic year for on-campus events, off-campus events, and essential investments. Additional requirements per type of request can be found in the UFB Handbook.

To access these funds, student organizations must submit a budget request through GetInvolvedUC at least 14 days prior to an event. UFB holds office hours in 655 Steger Student Life Center to assist organizations in building their budgets.

Once a budget is approved by UFB, organizations must submit purchase requests (per vendor) to access the approved funds. 

Each RSO eligible to receive UFB funds may request up to $500* each academic year for operating expenses. A Purchase Request can be submitted to access these funds from the first day of the fall semester until May 15. Your advisor must approve each expense.

Operating funds are intended to be used for the general management of the organization at their discretion. Funds can be used to help purchase any supplies or other materials that a student organization may need to hold a productive meeting or event. Acceptable uses of operating funds can be found in the UFB Handbook

To access operating funds, organizations must submit a purchase request through GetInvolvedUC. The How to Submit A Purchase Request Guide is a great resource when requesting these funds.

Important Dates

The following dates are important for organizations to mark down regarding funding. All designated dates are hard deadlines and no exceptions are made for organizations that fail to meet them.

UFB meetings are held every Thursday when class is in session at 6 PM in TUC 423

September 5, 2024: First meeting of Fall semester

November 28, 2024: No meeting, Thanksgiving Break

December 5, 2024: Last meeting of Fall semester

January 16, 2025: First meeting of Spring Semester

March 20, 2025: No meeting, Spring Break

April 24, 2025: Last meeting of Spring Semester

May 15, 2025: Student organization spending deadline

All dates subject to change due to changes in university schedule.

*All organizations with budgets being heard will be notified of any changes to the location.

Budget requests must be submitted through GetInvolvedUC at least 14 days in advance of your event. 

Tuesdays at 12:00 PM all budgets must be submitted to be heard on that Thursday

Thursdays at 10 AM is when any additional requested documentation must be submitted via GetInvolvedUC

March 7, 2025: Deadline to apply for Spring Break events

April 18, 2025: Deadline to apply for summer events* and early fall events**

*Summer events are those that begin between the Monday following spring commencement and the Sunday before the first day of fall classes.

**Early fall events are those that begin within the first twenty-one (21) days of the fall semester.

Contact Information

For more information or if you have any questions contact UFB directly or the UFB Advisor. Additional information regarding purchases for approved funding can be directed to the appropriate financial administrator for your organizaiton.

Headshot of University Funding Board

University Funding Board

655 Steger Student Life Center

Headshot of Rachel Boote

Rachel Boote

Program Manager, Center for Student Involvement

671 Steger Student Life Center


Headshot of Ms. Charlene Walker

Ms. Charlene Walker

Financial Admin (RSO organizations)

667 Steger Student Life Center

Headshot of Ms. Patty Speed

Ms. Patty Speed

Financial Admin (Competitive Organizations, Student Government & Tribunals)

667 Steger Student Life Center