BCP Quick Facts

BCP and Resource Center Programs

  • Food and Hygiene: We provide food and hygiene items to anyone in need. This includes both fresh and shelf-stable options.  
  • Meal Vouchers: Meal vouchers are available to students on a monthly basis and allow them free access into a dining hall for a meal.  
  • To-Go Bags: To make our resources more accessible, we have to-go bags places around the UC campus in various administrative and academic offices.  
  • Career Closet: Our Career Closet is stocked with professional clothing so students can be prepared for important events such as interviews and presentations.  


  • College University Food Bank Association (CUFBA) states 30% of college students are food insecure and 17% have some form of housing insecurity.  
  • Feeding America estimates that 54 million Americans were food insecure in 2020, up 17 million from 2018.  
  • ThinkProgress notes that 80% college students works on average 20 hours a week while in college.  


  • November 2016: Bearcats Pantry starts in a closet in French Hall West.  
  • January 2017: Expanded service with To-Go bags and Meal Vouchers.  
  • 2018: Moved to new location in Stratford Heights, created the Career Closet, and shifted focus to nutritional-based foods. 
  • 2021: Program Coordinator begins as full-time staff member.  

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