BCP Vouchers and Healthy Bites

Meal Vouchers

In partnership with Campus Services, the BCP and Resource Center provides meal vouchers to campus dining locations. Meal Vouchers are for students facing an emergency situation and have not had access to a meal. This is for those that need nutrition while on campus and have exhausted all other options. This program is not a meal plan program designed for cases of convenience.

Students are eligible to receive three meal vouchers per semester while vouchers are available. Students can apply to receive vouchers through this link. Appilcations will be assessed as quickly as possible. Once approved, they will be added directly to your Bearcat Card. Vouchers expire at the end of the semester. Students must re-apply on every semester to receive more. Special requests for additional vouchers may be granted after a consultation with a BCP staff member. Contact bearcatspantry@ucmail.uc.edu for more information. 

The Meal Voucher Program can be used at the Campus Services dining halls: Center Court; On the Green (OTG), Stadium View Café’, UC Blue Ash, TUC Catskiller, and TUC Bearcats Cafe.

Healthy Bites

In partnership with Campus Services and Dining Services, the BCP is launching a new program called Healthy Bites. This initiative is designed to support students who suffer from some form of insecurity with access to a healthy snack in between classes. The Healthy Bites program is designed to sustain the highest academic performance in the classroom, fueling you throughout your day. 

Students can apply to the Healthy Bites program through this link. Once approved, funds will be added to your Bearcat Card that can be redeemed for healthy items at Campus Services markets: Market on Main, MainStreet Express Market, DAAP Café, Teachers Café, Clermont and UCBA Cafés. Students can apply for more Healthy Bites dollars each semester. Additional funds will be added on an as-needed basis. Dollars are removed from the Bearcat Card at the end of each semester.

Below are the items eligible for purchase with Healthy Bites dollars: 

At campus markets: granola and protein bars; nuts and trail mix; fruit cups; bottled water and milk. 

At campus cafes: all sandwiches; sides: salads and fruit cups; snacks: hummus and pretzels, cheese and grapes, pepperoni and cheese, crudite, trail mix; drinks: bottled water.