The BCP and Resource Cener is primarily sustained through donations from the UC campus community, Alumni, Cincinnati area community, and extended family and friends. We appreciate your consideration and support!

How to Donate

The BCP and Resource Center accepts physical donations of food, hygiene and clothing items, as well as monetary donations. Donations are tax deductable. 

  • Physical item donation: Please see the guidlines below. You may drop off items at our BCP location during regular hours of operation. If the donation is a significant size, please contact our office to schedule a time to ensure the staff is avilalbe to help. 
  • We also have a satelite donation location at the Accessability Resources Office (Commons Edge Pavillion North, next to the AACRC)
  • Monetary donation: If you would like to make a monetary donation, please contact our office or visit our UC Foundation donation portal
  • If you would like to support us through our Amazon Wishlist, follow this link: BCP Amazon Wishlist.

If you are interested in hosting a food drive, please call or email our office. We would love to work with you!

What to Donate

General Guidelines: 

  • Please donate single-serving sizes, pull-top cans/can openers, and non-glass items.
  • No expired items. 
  • Please keep in mind where these donations are going. Some students may not have access to can openers, a full kitchen, laundry facilities, or showering rooms.

Most frequently needed items:

  • Canned meat (tuna, chicken, etc.)
  • Cereal, granola bars, oatmeal
  • Pasta, rice, beans
  • Fruit cups, canned fruit, applesauce
  • Hygeine products
  • Cleaning supplies
  • School supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.)

Why Donate

According to the College & University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA), 30 percent of college students are food insecure. The organization defines food insecurity as, "the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or the ability to acquire such foods in a socially acceptable manner. The most extreme form is often accompanied with physiological sensations of hunger." 

The impact of this on UC's campus is about 8,000 students who regularly face some form of food insecurity due to financial and other reasons. With your help and support, we provide food, hygeine, and clothing items to decrease financial stress and increase academic focus for students. 

We are so thankful to recieve donations from the Bearcat family and community resources such as the Last Mile Food Rescue and the Freestore Food Bank.