Communication Response Team


The Communication Response Team (CRT) is charged with communicating and disseminating information across the Division of Student Affairs regarding crisis and incidents affecting students and the campus community.

In support of the University's Student Related Critical Incident Response Policy, the CRT executes communication strategy and resources for the campus community.

Definition of Crisis and/or Incidents to activate CRT

Death, injury, or illness in residence hall, community, at UC sponsored event or activity; students or staff off campus

Health or welfare-threatening situations, including: natural disasters; assaults; epidemics; military actions of war; missing persons; suicide attempts; civil disobedience; major criminal arrest of a UC community member; events which could adversely alter public perception of the University or create an atmosphere of fear and unrest.

Any additional incident/situation that has widespread implications for or potential impact on students and the University community.

Composition of the CRT

The CRT will consists of five (5) core members:

  • Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students (Chair of Team)
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
  • Director of Counseling & Psychological Services
  • Director of Marketing and Communication (Student Affairs)
  • University of Cincinnati Police Department (Ad Hoc)
  • Director or designee from impacted department(s) on-campus (Ad Hoc)
  • Office of General Counsel (Ad Hoc)

The core team will meet monthly during fall and spring semesters, in addition to meetings convened immediately in response to a crisis situation. In response to specific incidents, the Chair will identify and include additional representatives of UC departments as needed and convene the team as appropriate.

Reporting an Crisis/Incident

Any member of the University community may identify and report a potential or immediate crisis that would rise to the level of CRT review.

As a result of a crisis notification, the Chair will decide if and when (1) the team will convene and (2) the Vice President for Student Affairs will be notified.

The CRT Chair will be responsible for convening the committee and facilitating discussion on the communication strategy. Members of the team will be designated to contact others who will need to be involved in a response strategy or informed about the incident.

The Vice President for Student Affairs will be responsible for communicating the situation to the Provost and appropriate members of the Cabinet, when necessary.

Response of CRT

Upon receipt of a crisis/incident under this protocol, the CRT Chair will place on the agenda of next monthly meeting or, in the case of an emergency, a special meeting will be called.

Agenda items:

  • Investigate and assess overall crisis/incident to community
  • Identify impacted parties (students, faculty, institutional)
  • Propose strategies and mobilize resources for community
  • Develop and frame communication plans for students, campus, & parents
  • Execute plan and develop follow-up timeline

CRT members will be notified of the agenda item(s) and bring as much as information as possible that may have been obtained or generated during an initial response from their respective departments.

The CRT will discuss each new case and make recommendations to provide additional services or referrals as necessary to meet the needs of the crisis/incident. The CRT may also designate individual team members or departments who may initiate additional services or referrals.

Previously discussed cases will be reviewed during monthly team meetings. The reviews will include confirmation that the services or referrals have been made and an assessment of their effectiveness.