Farmer's Fridge Available on Campus

UC Food Services is pleased to announce their partnership with Farmer’s Fridge. This new partnership will assist in meeting the dining needs of UC’s increasing student population. 

Food Services serves nearly 2.5 million meals a year. Considering new ways to increase access to fresh healthy meal options is part of our mission.

UC Food Services is excited to bring these hearty meal options to campus, allowing the UC community to get fresh meals any time any day. Farmer’s Fridge vending machines have been placed in nine locations across the campus, listed in the table below.


Farmer's Fridge 9 Locations 
Locations Specific Location
Marian Spencer Hall South Entrance Vestibule, Level G
Campus Rec Center Breezeway
Tangeman University Center Bridge Atrium, TUC Level 3
Stratford Heights Building #16, Level 1
Langsam Library Near Main Entrance
Care/Crawley Level 1 Vending Area
1819 Innovation Level 2 Vending Area
Digital Futures Level 1 Vending Area
UCBA Muntz Hall Level 1, General Seating Area (Near Café)

What's in the Fridge?

The Smart Fridge by Farmer’s Fridge aims to meet the growing needs at UC. Farmer’s Fridge, a national food services business, provides healthy, fresh and sustainable food vending options. Using the highest quality ingredients, Farmer’s Fridge makes it easy to get nutritious food on the go.

These machines are designed to make finding fresh & healthy meals as simple as vending a candy bar. Farmer’s Fridge vending options enable Bearcats to have healthier meals while on the go, including fresh and hearty salads, sandwich wraps, and great snack items such as guacamole and nachos. Additionally, Farmer’s Fridge vending options aim to meet food preferences from vegetarian to omnivores. Some meal options include: Baja Bowl, BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad, Berries & Granola Greek Yogurt, Baja Chicken Wrap, Burrito Bowl, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and Chocolate Chia Pudding.

Don’t see the item you want? Navigate to the item, and click “I wanted this!” Farmer’s Fridge vending machines are stocked on demand, and updated in real time. Submitted feedback enables the team to know exactly what to bring to you!

Farmer’s Fridges introduces an environmentally conscious approach to vending, sustainability has never been this easy! Not only does Farmer’s Fridge provides bio-degradable bowls and silverware on the side of every machine, but there’s also a place to recycle items when dining is complete. Sign up for the mobile app to receive $5 off your first order.