"Rathskeller" + "Bearcat" = Catskeller

Definition: Rathskeller
The cellar or basement of the city hall, usually rented for use as a restaurant where beer is sold; hence, a beer saloon of the German type below the street level, where, usually, drinks are served only at tables and simple food may also be had.

Catskeller, located on the bottom floor of Tangeman University Center, is both a grab-and-go meal location and a campus pub.

The meal exchange at Catskeller offers breakfast sandwiches, salads, wraps and drinks to students with meal plans for breakfast and lunch.

Catskeller also has a menu featuring traditional pub-style offerings such as wings, burgers and nachos beginning at 11 a.m. most days.

Two student sit at a table in the Catskeller. There is food and beverages on the table along with a laptop computer. The students smile at each other as they talk.

At any time of day, you can find groups of students gathered around tables socializing and studying. Pool tables in the back of the pub make it an easy option for students to take a short break between classes. In the evening, the pub hosts weekly event nights such as trivia and karaoke night. Flat-screen TVs surround the pub and there is often music playing.

The pub boasts an impressive list of craft beers, serving more than 40 different types of bottled beer, in addition to eight rotating taps.

Students do not have to be 21 to enter the pub, however, they do need to be 21 to consume alcohol.

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Events at Catskeller

Having a meeting or event? Have it at Catskeller! For more information, contact Josh Dean.