University Honors Housing

There are a variety of excellent on-campus housing options at UC! Many UHP students choose to live in honors housing. For Fall 2022 honors housing is available in the following locations:

These options provide a variety of accommodation and cost options to our students. Access the Housing website to learn about all of UC's on-campus options and see virtual tours of each building.

University Honors Program students are not required to live on a University Honors themed floor, but many of our students choose this option to be close to fellow students in the honors community. There are a number of otheroptions for you to consider as UC offers a wide variety of apartment, suite, and traditional style residence halls. University Housing offers numerous Living-Learning Communities and themed floors. Please see the community living section of the housing website to learn more about all your options.

Questions about housing?

University Housing manages the entire housing process from application to move-in. For specific questions, you can contact them by email or phone at 513-556-6461.

First-Year Students Housing Process

Starting March 1, you can access the housing application only after confirming your admission and paying the matriculation fee. It can take up to 48 hours between the time the matriculation fee is paid and when you will have access to the housing application. 

From March through May 1, you can log-in to complete your application, create roommate groups, and apply to be part of one of the numerous Living-Learning Communities (if interested). You will not be able to choose to live on the UHP themed floors at this point in your application; you will do this during room selection. If you are planning to live in a University Honors themed floor, all students in the roommate group must also be in University Honors.

In mid-May, University Housing will email you through your UC email account with your time slot for the room selection process. As a University Honors student, you will receive directions for the room selection process and a priority selection date at the beginning of the process. This doesn't mean that all spaces will be available to you, because returning students and other student groups will have reserved locations, so plan ahead with multiple options for your roommate group. Additionally, the University Honors themed floors won't be available to you unless all roommates are also University Honors students. 

Campus housing is in high demand. We suggest completing the application and paying the application fee as soon as possible if you know you'd like to live in on-campus housing. If you submit a housing application after the May 1 deadline, you may not be guaranteed housing. We cannot guarantee that all incoming UHP students who want to live on a University Honors themed floor will be able to select one.

Looking for Roommates?

Within the housing application, student have the ability to search for roommates as part of the process. You may create a profile and search for other students who have done the same. You can also answer several generic questions about lifestyles within the roommate matching module, and you can also write an open narrative describing yourself and ideal characteristics you are looking for in roommates. You can do this to identify other UHP students, coordinate with ideal sleeping schedules, cleanliness expectations, and more. 

Beyond the application, it is common for students to use Facebook groups and other social media platforms to match with potential roommates. However, neither University Housing nor University Honors is actively involved on these platforms. 

Returning Students and Honors Housing

Returning University Honors students will be able to select residential spaces in honors communities or any available general residential space through the Returner Housing Application process, which starts in mid-January. Some spaces still fill quickly, so you should become very cognizant of the timelines to select your space. This process usually closes by late February. All students self-select their space based on Housing & Food Services timeline for contract renewal. See Housing & Food Services for the timeline for housing applications and self-assignment. Here are more details of the housing application schedule.


Students must be members of the University Honors Program to live in honors housing when the housing selection is made. Students who do not meet the qualifications to live in honors housing may be removed from their honors housing placement. If this occurs, these students may be placed in another general campus housing option.