Fall 2018 Honors Seminars

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Honors Seminars with Study Tours
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
ANTH3060 Problem-Solving the Global Refugee Crisis 17473 Mo
Rodriguez, Leila SE,SS
GEOL2179 The Atacama: Connecting Earth and Sky Through a Human Perspective 17776 TBD Hanson, Maragaret
Ward, Dylan
HIST3096  The Enlightenment: "Nasty, Brutish, and Short" N/A Cancelled Grundy, Terry

INTB3094 Social Entrepreneuship: Sustainable Solutions to Global Challenges 12433 TuTh 3:30pm-4:50pm Polychroniou, Constantine DC, SE


Honors Seminars
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
BIOL3060 When Breath Becomes Air: The Intricacies of Dying Well 17948 TuTh2:00pm-3:20pm Cully, T NS,SE
CSD3050 The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer: Examining Early Language and Literacy Development in an Impoverished Cincinnati Community 14046 Tu 2:00pm-3:20pm Raisor-Becker, L.
Creaghead, N.
Sticky Innovation 12379 TuTh 9:30am-10:50am Gaskins, W.
Sheth, N.
ENGL2001 (honors section only)/
CJ3001 (honors section only)
Kids Who Kill 14329 Th 3:30pm-6:20pm Dziech, B.
Bourke, S.

ENGL2001= HU

CJ3001 = SE, SS

ENGL2005 (honors section only) Writing, Running, and Documenting Cincinnati Canceled Canceled Miccihe, L HU
ENGL2089 (honors sections only) Intermediate Composition See Catalyst See Catalyst See Catalyst N/A
HNRS3076 The Bard Abides: Shakespeare in the Everyday World 10883 We 3:35pm-6:20pm Grace, K DC, HU
PLAN3093 The Good Life - And How to Live It 12030 Tu 3:30pm-6:20pm Grundy, T HU, SE
MKTG2098 The Greatest Product Failures of All Time - Avoiding Marketing Disasters (Topics in Marketing for Honors) 20331 TuTh 3:30pm-4:50pm Manzon, E. TI
RELG3010 Understanding Religious Intolerance 14048 TuTh 11am-12:20pm Griffith, D. G. DC, SE