Pre-Approved Experiences

Each of the 50+ pre-approved experiences is a unique opportunity with experiential components and built-in reflection. They cover a variety of topics and types of involvement from campus, to the local Cincinnati community, and even destinations domestic and abroad.

The pre-approved experiences will count as honors experiences if completed as directed (by the contact listed) and showcased in your learning portfolio within one month of completing the experience. Application deadlines can be months earlier than the beginning of the experience, so plan accordingly. 

Important considerations

  • Please note that some of the programs listed on these pages have competitive application processes and/or specific deadlines. For more information about a particular program/project, please visit the website or contact the individual listed below.
  • Most pre-approved experiences can only be counted one time as an honors experience; if you are completing a pre-approved honors experience for a second time, please contact your honors advisor to see if it can count as an additional experience.
Pre-Approved Experiences List
Program Contact Exp # Description
AACRC Transitions Mercedes Jones 1 First-year experience for students of color
Accelerating Racial Justice Major Cooper 1 5 day summer program in August; Priority deadline is early June
AFFIRM Nicole Ausmer 1 Apply in fall  
Bearcat Buddies Lead Tutor Fran Larkin 1  
Belong Coordinator for University Honors Program Bria Howard 1 The Belong Coordinators experience focuses on fostering awareness and inclusivity among UHP students, staff, and faculty through interactive educational programming. This experience is a one academic year commitment (October-April).
Breakthrough Cincinnati Tiffany Dolder-Holland 2 Apply early spring semester
BRIMS: Biomedical Research Internship for Minority Students TBD 1  
Character-Based Leadership (Lindner Honors-PLUS only) Raqule Crawley 1 Register for fall semester course
Credit-bearing Study Abroad UC International 1 Includes semester exchanges, UC-led faculty study tours, and UC-led summer programs.
Crossroad Health Center Volunteer Internship Program (VIP) Crossroad Health Center 1 Applications generally due 2 months before start date
Emerging Ethnic Leaders Peer Leader Major Cooper 1  
Engineering Diplomats Leadership Team Oxana Prokhorova 1-2 Experience range based on domestic/international involvement
Engineers Without Borders International Travel Jim Tappel 1  
Experience-Based Learning & Career Education -  International Experience Programs Erin Bove 2  
Gen-1 Alpha Ambassador Amber Conley 1 Apply in spring semester
Gen-1 Program First Year Experience Amber Conley 1 Apply as part of UC admissions process
GlobeMed GROW Internship Robin Selzer 1  
Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) Shawn Adkins 1  
iLead Manager in College of Nursing Deborah Gray 1 Apply in spring semester
iLead Mentor in College of Nursing Deborah Gray 1 Apply in spring semester
iLead transition/transfer participant in College of Nursing Deborah Gray 1 Confirm participation in summer  
International Co-op Program Christopher Cooper 2 Apply through Professional Assessment + Learning (PAL)
International Virtual Collaboration Experience Cedrick Kwuimy 1
  • CEAS students only
  •  Experience takes place during spring semester
  • Contact Cedrick Kwuimy during fall semester to express interest
  • Collaborate virtually with students at a university abroad that partners with UC to solve a global problem
  • Develop problem solving, project management, design process and programming skills
Kuamka Participants Mercedes Jones 1 Apply in October
LCB PACE Leader Sarah Jernigan 1 Lindner College of Business students only; capped at 2 experiences
Learn to Start Program Neil Choudhury 1 Available all semesters and for all majors. Contact Neil Choudhury to express interest in joining pilot program by 5 pm on Friday, February 5, 2021.
Lindner Honors-PLUS Business Ethics Raqule Crawley 1 Register for summer semester
McNair Prep Stephanie Davis 1 Apply in Mid-February of first year
McNair Scholars Stephanie Davis 2 Apply in Mid-February of second year
Models II CEAS Research Nora Honken 1 CEAS students only
Nursing Co-Op Deborah Schwytzer 1 Apply in January of third year
Nursing iLead Next Gen Peer Mentoring Deborah Gray 1 Apply in spring semester  
Office of Nationally Competitive Awards Fulbright Bootcamp Jenny Hyest 1
  • Must be applying for a Fulbright award to participate
  • Must complete the registration form
  • Must participate in Fulbright Bootcamp, and complete and submit a Fulbright application, for this to count as a pre-approved experience
On-Campus Internship/Co-op (Co-op2.0) Kelly Thompson

1 You must register for and complete INT1000 for any of the on-campus internships listed to count as an honors experience. 
Protege Undergraduate Research James Boerio 2 Email Dr. James Boerio in early November to express interest
RAPP: Racial Awareness Program Major Cooper 1 Prioirity deadline is September 1
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) R. Matthew Schauseil 2 Apply by February 1
Taft Undergraduate Research Award Taft Research Center 2 Apply by early March
Teaching Assistant at Chongqing University Sherry Liao 2 Apply through Professional Assessment + Learning (PAL)
Teaching Assistant for First-Year Engineering classes Jeff Kastner 1
  • Students who plan to participate in this pre-approved experience need to contact Dr. Kastner by the second week of classes
  • Students are required to complete a set of leadership modules throughout the semester in addition to the TA job responsibilities, in order to count this as a pre-approved experience
The Washington Center Brodie Theis 2 Register for INT3030 Section 2; Applications reviewed on rolling basis; 1 exp. for seminar, 1 exp. for internship
UHP Ambassador Leadership Team Jason Autry 1
Must be a UHP Ambassador. Apply by early summer.
UHP Biomedical Research and Mentoring Program (RaMP) Kyle Key 1
UHP Discover Marcell Crawford 2 Apply in early February
UHP Student Leader Roundtable Ashley Webber 1 Apply in August for Fall 2021
UK Fulbright Summer Institutes Jenny Hyest 1 Apply in February
Upspring 360 Summer Camp for Children Experiencing Homelessness Maurice Stewart 1 Apply in April
Village Life Outreach Co-op/Internship and special projects Sue Casey-Leininger 1
To apply, please submit the following materials to Sue Casey-Leininger:
  • A resume that has been updated within the last month
  • Two references from relevant supervisors or outside evaluators
  • A brief summary of approximately 500 words through which the applicant outlines relevant experience and motivations for Co-op 

Welcome Experience Student Leader for UHP

(mentor or coordinator)

Bria Howard 1
  • Apply in spring semester
  • Experience takes place between February and October
Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL) TBD 1/year Apply in mid-February
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Heather Norton 2 Apply in March