ANTH3060: Problem-Solving the Global Refugee Crisis


The stories and images on news sources remind us daily that the world is currently facing its worst refugee situation in history, with the number of displaced individuals eclipsing those of the Second World War. How can we problem-solve the world’s refugee crisis? This course examines the major theories, concepts, and topics regarding the causes, processes, and consequences of displacement. We will analyze the main sociopolitical and legal frameworks to understand the determination of refugee status, contrast the perception of the refugee crisis as a humanitarian or national security issue, the resettlement, repatriation and integration of refugees, and their public media portrayal. The course also involves an international experience component. We will travel one week to Munich, Germany, a hot spot of the refugee crisis. There, we will visit with local government officials, humanitarian organizations, and a refugee camp to obtain an on-the-ground perspective on the situation. As a final project, students will choose one focused challenge related to the refugee crisis, and develop a project to solve it.

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