ARAB3011: The Arab-American Experience: Marginalized or Integrated and the Language of Baklava

Marginalized or Integrated, and the Language of Baklava


Arab Americans are still struggling to be seen as a part of the United States and as human individuals who are part of a larger community that is as American as any other immigrant or native-born group. Students will be introduced to and encouraged to regect on the social diversity of experience and to develop an understanding of our collective American society and history from an Arab-American perspective and to more accurately imagine themselves as Americans. Arab Americans would be better served and understood if their lived reality, their voices, their faces, their names were less foreign to their fellow Americans. Students will become aware of Arab-American lifestyles, identities, and desires through reading and writing assignments that explore psychological and cultural dimensions in literary texts, flm narratives, anthropological essays and sociological documentaries.

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