BIOL2042/ENGL2042/EVST2042: Environmental Futures

Apocalypse versus Sustainability

Instructors: Lucinda Lawson and Jay Twomey


In this seminar we will study apocalyptic and dystopian literature and film alongside introductory-level scientfic writing, in order to: 1) reflect upon current dangerous environmental trajectories; and, 2) propose environmental solutions aimed at creating more sustainable futures at local and global scales. After gaining a basic overview of the history of apocalyptic thought, and its relevance for environmental studies, students will explore recent literary and cultural texts presenting both pessimistic and more hopeful environmental scenarios. They will also develop a useful understanding of the current environmental realities evoked by these works, while collectively imagining a better future. Students will meet with environmental policy makers to discuss how local actions can translate to more sustainable environmental futures. 

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