ENED3050DAAP3050: The Biodesign Challenge

Instructor: Whitney Gaskins & Nandita Sheth

Offered: Spring 2022 - We 2:30pm-5:00pm

Location: TBD

Class #: 47002


Interested in collaborating with students across multiple disciplines and experts to solve real world problems and have the chance to compete at an international level? 

In this course students will ideate and prototype solutions to a real world problems in teams, utilizing resources in UC's 1819 Innovation Hub. This site provides more information on the course and experience

The winning team will represent UC and compete in the international Biodesign Challenge, which typically takes place in NYC but will take place virtually in summer 2021. The Biodesign Challenge is an education program and competition that is shaping the first generation of biodesigners. They partner high school and university students with scientists, artists, and designers to envision, create, and critique transformational applications in biotech.

In summer 2020, the student team representing UC in the Biodesign Challenge won the award for Outstanding Field Research and were also named Finalists. 

We welcome students from ALL majors and areas of interest. You do NOT need biology, design, engineering, or art experience.  We will guide you with the tools, processes, and resources you will need. You will need to bring a curious mind, the desire to innovate, and a collaborative mindset to the course. 

Text Sneak Peak

Book cover of Grow the Future: Visions of Biodesign

From the Biodesign Challenge website

Our book is a deep dive into the perspectives shaping biodesign. Thank you to all of our supporters who have already purchased a book and helped to successfully fund our Kickstarter Campaign.

Selected from hundreds of artworks and designs from the BDC competition, our first book is a compilation of projects and ideas that are influencing the emerging field of biodesign. In their own words, pioneers and BDC alumni explore the future of biodesign and its role in shaping people’s identities, cultures, and relationships with the living environment.

Beyond being a primer, the book is a celebration of the first five years of BDC and it’s a deep dive into the minds behind biodesign.

This text includes an essay written by instructors for this course: What Biodesign Means to Us.

Past Offerings

Headshot of Dr. Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D.

Dr. Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Inclusive Excellence and Community Engagement, CEAS

Founder, Gaskins Foundation

2017 K12 Champion, NAMEPA

Her foundation recently launched the Cincinnati STEMulates year round K-12 program, which is a free of charge program that will introduce more students to math and science.

Headshot of Nandita Sheth

Nandita Sheth

Adjunct Instructor, DAAP

Strange Tools Research Lab, UC Digital Futures Program

Nandita has worked as an architect, planner, educator, and researcher. She is currently a doctoral student with the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA).