HIST3097: The Big Apple and The Queen City

The History of New York and Cincinnati in Literature, and Physical Space

Instructor: Anne Delano Steinert

Offered: Spring 2022

Location: TBD, in person

Class #: 49099


This experience-based, interdisciplinary, comparative course will use two lenses to explore the history of New York City and Cincinnati, Ohio. We will use physical space (the built city) and literature (the written city) to understand America’s urban past with a focus on deep observation, reflection, and expression. Students will use compelling readings, discussions, and site visits to examine geography, early settlement, immigration, housing, transportation, parks and cemeteries, race, and gender and sexuality as factors that have shaped our own Queen City of the West and the Big Apple. This class will include numerous local site visits.

Important to Note

This class will not include a study tour in Spring 2022.